Thursday, March 31, 2011

Timeless Beauty

As I enjoyed the Today Show this morning, they were showing a segment on Elizabeth Taylor. And I must say she was a beautiful woman in her life, her pictures from back when she was young were stunning. And that lead me to a question, What happened to genuinely beautiful people, ones that weren't caked with makeup to look that way. Natural beauty seems to have run out. Nowadays all these girls and women want to portray a look that really isn't them. The real them is nothing like the made up one. I think there are a few naturally beautiful actresses out there in the world. Anne Hathaway is stunning, as well as Natalie Portman. Then on the other hand you have Cristina Aguilera (sp?) who to me is bordering on drag queen. And she is a pretty girl without all that junk on her face. There is nothing wrong with wearing makeup, but it should never be noticed. And what is up with these fake eyelashes? Are we this insecure in life that even are own eyelashes are not good enough? Its time for the world to not be so shallow, its got so bad that major companies are padding bathing suits that are made for girls as young as 7!! I have a 7 yr old and I will never let that be ok, and if there are parents out there who think it is, they should be ashamed of themselves. I feel bad for the kids growing up nowadays, I grew up in the 90's where kids were still treated as such. We didn't have Miley Cyrus to watch dancing on stripper poles as our role models. We had good cartoons, its sad. (*Kids role models should be their parent's first*) Back when I was young, music was just that music, and people had talent. Now anyone who wakes up and says "Hey I want to make an album." can , screw you auto tune. Music is not a marketing tactic, although that is what everyone wants it to be. Music should be a passion thrust upon the world. Music should be out there because the artist loves what they do...want some examples of that? Rob Thomas, John Mayer, the name a few. I appreciate music I can connect to, not music that is a trend. I guess the best way to judge my music is if it has a cool dance that goes with it, that is not for me lol To end this I just want to say, the world to me feels like that kid in highschool that struggles to be accepted by everyone. And they portray and outward sense of confidence, while inside and alone they are horribly troubled with to many issues to count. The world needs to realize being in and cool is never going to make you just that.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Zombies are coming

*This is not real.....yet* As I sit cozy on my couch, listening to the tv. I remember the days when we were free to live a life free from flesh eating monsters, some might call them Zombies. As I sit and wonder what it is I would need to survive their attack, I've come to the conclusion that I am sadly ill prepared. Rummaging through my house, I only managed to find a coupld mini flashlights with no batteries, one dull butcher knife, and hairspray? Really this is pathetic, in times like these I really should have bought the guns and grenades. So I guess I am going to try my luck with what I have, and that being a great mind. One that I do not want the zombies eating, I'm sure its more delicious then any others out there. Anyways my tactic to survive these said Zombies would be simple, run faster then everyone else. I'm not waiting around for no one. Every man for husband is strong enough to carry our children. And my kids are smarts enough to stay away from strangers, so I think they got zombies under control. You can't be nice in this you think anyone gives two craps if the zombies are gnawing you to death? I think not... Well once running failed which I know it would (bad ankles) I would choose the next step in zombie deterent. That being acting even more whacked out then Charlie Sheen, even a zombie would steer clear from that much crazy. So its the end, all the zombies are pretty much splattered across the pavement. And my only hope is Maks from dancing with the stars has survived, and Dwayne "The rock" Johnson...oh the joys if they were the last two men on earth!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday afternoon

Afternoon all, well what to blog about. In the writing front I have done more editing then writing, sales are good. I want to come up with more ways to reach out to the UK, Amazon doesn't have that much of an extensive way to do so. I have sold a lot of books out of the United States. And this makes me pleased, I have been really considering the book blogger idea, but I can only google so much in one day. I need to find a book blogger that I feel good about. I really wish there was better sites out there to satisfy my questions, I find tons of stuff online but most is someone trying to sell something, what happened to people just sharing useful information? Whenever anyone ask how I do something I am happy to tell them, I don't ask for a fee. I think I am going to paint my nails, let my brain be for the day before I start back to research and editing. Everyone could use a break. So for today music will be the only thing I am intertwined in, and like always it will be good music!

Saturday, March 26, 2011


If I had to pick one of my Wingless characters to be alive, it would be Kenny. He has the wit, sarcasm and that I don't give a sh&# attitude. It's refreshing to be that way. Sometimes I wish I was more like Kenny. He says what he means and means what he says. And he is never worried if it hurts anyone's feelings, and his confidence is off the charts. Maybe sometimes he is too cocky,but it works for him.

Friday, March 25, 2011

My brain is on overload

Sitting on my Fb talking with my fellow writers, I must say the best ideas seem to flow during conversations with my good friends. We all are really into writing, its exciting to have two close friends that love writing as much as I do. And they both are really talented. I finally convinced them to pursue the Kindle publishing. And the first one (Brandi Salazar) has finally went ahead and took the leap. I think the most important part of writing is support, you need people as twisted and imaginative as yourself to keep you going. Some people just don't understand the way a writer's mind works. Hell sometimes I don't understand my mind, I sometimes read my writing and wonder how the heck I even came up with the stuff I wrote, its almost like I had an out of body moment (lol).
I haven't done much writing lately and its weird, I was writing everyday obsessively. I couldn't go a day without writing at least a chapter. Maybe that's why I have wrote nearly seven books since the end of 2009. And I have more ideas, and another book series I am working on.
Pretty soon I hope to hear everyone around the world asking "Who's your Greaper?" haha that would be great. I myself prefer Kenny as my choice of Greaper.
Heart of Gypsies was such a hard book to end (so many tears). I literally balled reading the ending. But it for sure is the most near and dear to my heart. The idea one that just came to me out of the blue one day, its one of those books I feel like I see,hear,smell and feel it all.
Well off to do a bit more editing, and maybe some promotion. Good day!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sitting her enjoying the morning, its sunny outside but not warm. Man I wish spring would come already. I am listening to Colbie Colliat, about to start finishing up the editing of one of my books. I read a good tip for authors, you can never edit enough! That's for sure, I feel like I have read my book series about a million times. And I still enjoy it every time, so that's a good thing. I absolutely love Amazon Kindle its been amazing for getting my book out there. I have sales everyday, and people are buying the next books in the series. I brainstorm everyday for more marketing ideas/promoting ideas, and so far I think I am doing good at that. But I could always use more ideas. Well off to read and edit. Everyone have a amazing day!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Middle Class Rut - New Low (Official Video)

I absolutley love this song "WHo am I? A cold shoulder left to cry, you feel bad well so do i!" Love it!!

Days of our lives

Like sands through the hourglass so are the days of our lives.... I don't know how many other fans of Days there are. But I needed something to blog about so hear goes, Days is sort of a tradition in my family lots of us have watched it since I can remember, it grew on me from a young age. And now I have to watch it, I must admit I take monthly breaks where I don't. But the good thing about soaps between the flashbacks and slow pace you don't miss much.
Ok currently my biggest likes about Days are Phillip and Chloe, usually they make them do something bad or wrong. It seems for once they are doing the right thing. I actually hope they get together. I am also glad that Melanie grew a back bone, seems after all the junk going on she finally grew up. I now like her on the show.
Ok and now onto my dislikes, I hate Ej and Taylor situation there is no reason for it. Ej married Nicole because he is an idiot (well not really) he married her for his kids (yeah right) Really Ej never has a set reason for anything he does. In the end everything he does is because deep down he really still is in love with Sami.
And ugh I love Sami on the show now, but I hate this Rafe storyline (typical soap to make a clone of someone) The old Sami would have kicked his a*% and would be done with him. Now she has a heart??? I am hoping they switch the old Rafe back with the Fake one, if Stefano thinks he erased his memory I can see this happening. And then he will get hit in the head or something traumatic and BAM he will be back to normal and we will see Stefano and Ej in the shadows with those dirty scowls on their faces, because their plan did not work. lol
I miss Shawn D and Belle, I miss the good old days of Days. But it will always be a guilty pleasure for sure!

Friday, March 18, 2011

What sparks my creativity?

I have been writing since the age of eleven, I remember sitting at my Mother's kitchen table with a big stack of fresh notebook paper. We didn't have a computer back then lol (I don't think they were even cool yet.) Back then I wrote about girls who had crazy lives, but it was all so innocent. As I got older(Nkotb wasn't cool anymore by the way, but to me and my dear friend they still were in our hearts haha) I was so into NKOTB they seemed to represent my male characters in anything I wrote. Its funny now to sit back and think about my writing and what inspired it. Nowadays, I have seen a lot. I have met a lot of people, friends, family etc. I think what sparks my creativity when I write my books now is remembering the moments that sparked my own emotions, when I can honestly say 'I had goosebumps". When I watch a movie and there is a powerful dialouge I am blown away, and my brain starts going off! My most memorable movie that I watched where I wanted to express that emotion the same way through my writing was Good Will Hunting the scene where she tries to get through to him and they scream and cry, that emotion all in a measly four minutes its thrilling. My creativity comes from human emotions, the raw and real emotions that we all have, some are to afraid to let them out. But the best way to show what real emotion is, is through my writing. Reading a good book , feeling like a fly on the wall as real emotion is slung all over the place like trash in a tornado its pure beauty!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Writing is my....

Writing is my escape, my comfort, writing is a big sigh of relief when I feel on edge. Writing is my creation, my outlet to escape stress. Writing is my feelings bleeding out on paper for the world to see.
Writing helps me cope, helps me laugh and to heal. There are so many things that writing is to me, what is writing to everyone else?

My favorite song right now...

My favorite song right now would be "The way" by Fastball. There is just something about that song that I just love. Its a feelgood for sure, the best part about it is the reason it was wrote.
I read somewhere that they wrote this song because an elderly couple went missing and nobody knew where they were, and one of the guys sat and pondered why two people would just take off and never return again, so now when you listen to the lyrics it really makes a difference. Where were they goign without ever knowing the way? lol Sadly the people fell off a cliff and that was why they were never found. But this is why I love music as much as writing, its a freedom of expression, a way to go places and say things you normally wouldnt say. There is nothing better. And with that I bid the world a goodnight, I am off to sleep if my brain will shut off, hoping for many good things to come for my books, and the new day ahead! Peace.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Do you really have to care?

I think everyone has to care about something in life. What would be the point of living if we didn't? I think its the extent in which we care that changes the way we are in like, if we care to much then that could ruin our lives, or maybe improve them.
Sitting here I ask myself what do I care about? Thats pretty simple, being a good person, happiness, my loved ones, writing and music.
What does everyone else care about? Are they the same as mine, has caring about something ever turned into the total opposite of what was expected?