Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Yeah I said it, its sunday. Its been a while since I wrote on this blog. Well let's see. On the writing front I am 117 pages into the new book Ink. I am really impressed with how great its going. My best friend says this is my "gem". This is a term we use to say the one lol. Its funny though because it seems we say it alot about our books. I really like Ink, its going so well. I find myself reading the chapters back two three times in a row because its so much fun to read.

I finished another book on the kindle, Jenny Pox. Totally worth the read. My favorite part about reading is finishing and posting a review, that part is a lot of fun. Now I am trying to decide what to read next I have so many on the list. Not sure what I am looking for. I think I am a paranormal romance girl.

Going to a birthday party today, that should be fun.

Oh and on a sales front things are going well, I've even got some more reviews to add to my review arsenal. Someone asked me the other day if reviews ever get easier to handle. I say eventually you take them with a grain of salt. If you think about it, its fun. I like to see what others think about my writing. And most times I feel people feel the way I felt writing when they are reading it. As long as you remember your doing what you love and that you can never ever ever please everyone you should be good to go. Oh and thick skin, because they are not always going to like your beliefs or characters, or your characters actions in the story. Some readers simply enjoy the writing, while others are more wrapped up in facts and details. It all depends on the person. Readers are great, with their viewpoints it helps open your mind and see other people's views on your writing. It can even help you see something you might not have the first time.

Lastly I think all writers improve over time, you learn on the journey. You pick up new habits, you drop old ones. Writing is the greatest thing because there is no one way to do so. I've read many different writing styles lately and I've enjoyed them all in different ways.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

whirlwind of thoughts

I figured I would spew forth some of my thoughts before bed. I have a lot on my mind, such as growing older. Its my birthday, and I really don't have any feelings on it. I'm now 28, I don't feel any different really. No gray hairs or wrinkles yet, so thats good. I guess I can say I am wiser, in all the years your lucky enough to still be alive its best to grow smarter, I mean what else is the point in living if you just get even more stupid?
I was also thinking about writing and why when I want to write is when I am not able to. And then the other times when I could I just don't feel like it. Its a really strange thing. I told the hubs the other day I wish a book could be written in like five minutes because this new one is complete in my mind, now its just a matter of purging it all onto paper.
Also today, I came up with an idea for another WINGLESS, yeah I said it. I think its a beautiful idea and a way to start fresh. I wonder what the readers will think.
My new book is coming along, need to bounce it off of my best friend like I always do to get her thoughts on it. This is what I always do, my process. I write and send her chapters,she reads and we sort of gossip like school girls at lunch about the characters. I guess my aim for this story is another romance but with fresh new characters and this new idea, the idea involves music and tattoos. And I do believe it holds a twist like Wingless that makes it very original.
I started two new books today, and I'm sure anyone who reads my blogs can tell how scattered I am. But yes I started two new books today, Fallen by Lauren Kate. And so far its slow, that doesnt mean I don't like it. But so far kind of has me feeling a bit depressed and dark. That could be because of today really. I sometimes am really bothered when I hear about celebs dying. ( I don't know why) maybe cuz any death scareds the bejeezus out of me. But really its just a sad reality that people can die, and people die when they least expect it. And then I feel horrible thinking about how the people who were close to them feel, and my brain shoves me into this place where I sit and think and try to feel what they are feeling, I'm sure that is why I am a writer haha.
I also started reading Jenny Pox and I actually like it, its gritty and sad. And I love how its kind of raunchy in a good way. So far I am pleased, but poor Jenny.
And as my addiction for music grows larger I am on the prowl for more music. Music is such an obsession I crave it, I literally feel sick almost when I don't hear it each day of my life, I wonder if that is normal. If not I dont care, music makes me feel good, its soothing, it balances my brain, my thoughts, my everything.
And lastly I am working on a new goal: Extreme Couponing!!! I am super excited. I am going to try and do what they do on tv, its almost like a game to see how much I can save. I recently discovered the show, and Nate Berkus had some of the coupon ladies on today and it just really propelled me into the idea. I want to try, I really want to see if I can do it. If anything it should prove interesting.
Alright seeing now that I am 28 I know old people arent suppose to stay up late. So I must get some rest so I don't break a hip tomorrow haha

Monday, June 20, 2011

Take a moment

Taking a moment to say R.I.P to Ryan Dunn. I always enjoyed watching him on Jackass. He will be missed! I just watched him last night on Minute to win it with Steve O. Very sad to hear that news today, I hope others learn from these types of incidents. (not saying what is going around is true but if it is, don't drink and drive!)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Chapter for new book: INK

August 11th 1995

The crowd parted ways at the concert in Langdon Park. It was a hot summer, the humidity very apparent on the skin of the large crowd. If you looked just close enough at the midnight sky you could see a dark storm brewing. And he knew it wouldn’t be long before all of the bands were hurrying to pack up their equipment and hit the road.
He was sure there would be some trying to score some drugs, or maybe a lady for the night, and even more of them hoping to make their night just a little more exciting.
Jumping down from the stage, he gained his footing. Paying close attention to winding up the wire, he worked quickly. His tattoos apparent at each swift swing of his arm, he wasn’t an innocent guy, he was just as much a part of them even if he never liked to admit it. One swift shove sent the plastic container into the side compartment of the tour bus, he was done for the night and only looking forward to getting a couple hours of sleep before they were on to the next city. But as soon as the screams of hundreds of fans broke through his mindless thoughts he knew that would never happen, giving an intense sigh, one that proved just how tired he was getting at this gig. He shoved the task at hand aside, jumping out of the way just in time as the whole stage crashed beside him, metal and stray grass spilling out before him, smoke loomed off in the distance in quiet little crowds.
They were there, there to destroy everything in their path. He knew it was ill will to think anything that they did would ever turn into anything more than just a disaster. And as he watched the sick twisted beast suck the life of their victims, he held it together on the outside, it was part of life after all. No he took that back, it was part of his life, his sick upbringing. Looking down at his arms pained him, his throat constricted with the horrifying realization, he was the same. Dropping his cigarette on the gravel he took in the twisted metal scraping and whining as it hit the ground, taking off into a sprint he crept across the grass like a well trained athlete. His shirt becoming a little bothersome so he shrugged it off carrying on, that’s when he spied her, a young girl. She couldn’t have been more then seventeen at the most, probably experiencing her first live concert. But all he felt on the inside was hot rage, a hunger that crawled out from someplace so dark he didn’t even recognize it. Her eyes grew large as he approached and her deafening scream filled the air, minutes later all was silent and an eerie stillness settled back on the park.
He shot up in bed, all was silent. The music in the park barely audible from the bus, the rain started falling steadily against the window, it had been a dream. An eerie dream that had been replaying in his mind for months, he rubbed the back of his neck trying to get himself motivated enough to start packing up the band. Just because he wasn’t at his best didn’t mean he could get out of his job as stagehand.

Father's Day

Father's day is around the corner. And I am thankful that my children have such a wonderful father. I never got to know my own and I have grown up knowing that a father is a very important part of life. I admire those who have great ones. I don't think father's get enough credit sometimes. A father is the best role model for a child, he is the driving force behind what kind of man a boy will turn into and what a girl will look for in a husband one day. So father's deserve a special day! And I will celebrate in the holiday as well. I might not be blood related to the man I think has ever been the most fatherly to me but I still am grateful to have someone in my life that made me feel loved and cared about. And that's all that matters.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Voice - Team Cee Lo Green - Everyday People

*dances* I just love this, Ceelo is amazing wacky and in a good way. And he has some great singers on his team. Who doesn't love the voice? It is so much better then American Idol and I used to be a huge fan of that show!! Enjoy the great music!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Back to Life

Alas, Back to Life was published, its done! I am beyond thrilled and relieved and so far I have heard great things! Now that the series is where I want it to be, I am taking a break and enjoying some reading. I am almost finished with Hush, hush by Becca Fitzpatrick. It is an amazing book and I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts on the book. Also I am finishing editing Gypsies and going to redo the cover.

I wanted to talk about a contest I wanted to hold for Nook and Kindle readers, eventually when I am able I will do this for DTB books as well in the series. I want to hold a contest where the prize is all six books in the series. I need to research a little about what to do, I think that would be a really cool prize, I would love to win a whole series from an author, to me that would be awesome.

I will update on here once I figure it out...have a great weekend!!

Friday, June 10, 2011


I completed the sixth book in the series, the name of it is Back to Life. I was very happy with the ending, and I can't wait to hear feedback on what my readers think about it. I know some that have been waiting ever so patiently. This has been yet another journey with and ending that tore at my emotions, I worked hard for days on the last couple chapters, and I cried at the end, for many reasons. It was a tough decision but it was the way the cookie crumbled :) I hope everyone enjoys it. Now I am looking forward to trying something totally fresh and new, and also polishing up Gypsies. Oh and speaking of Gypsies I started writing the second book of that one, I do not know when I will venture into it, but I have my start and that will help a lot for the days when I want to return to that story. I really am looking forward to getting some reading in of my own because I do enjoy reading other people's books too. I also want to post reviews of the books I am reading for the readers out there. And do a little more toward promoting my own work.
I came up with an idea last night that I possibly will give one person the whole series which would be all 6 of the books, it would have to be some kind of giveaway or contest just not sure what yet.
And lastly I look forward to diving into some new ideas I have, some of my ideas are far out there, and some are just everyday life. Can't wait!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


This week I am finishing up volume six in the Wingless series. This song click here The unavoidable thing between us by Evermore has been the theme song for the writing of this book.
When I write I don't have any idea how its going to end, it sort of progresses as I move from one chapter to the next. And this book is really tough, there is so much that Eve is trying to deal with, you would think she would be happy. But can she really be happy without Evan, after all he was the love of her life right?
Evan and Kenny are two kinds of love, and they both have done their share of horrid things to her, she loves them both in different ways. So I'm sure it would make sense how she bounces back and forth bewteen the two of them.
As the writer and reader, I tend to bounce back and forth, Kenny probably will always be a favorite because I love how cocky and sure of himself that he is, but then Evan is upstanding and honorable. And even when he does the wrong thing its for the right reasons. They both have lovely characteristics, they both have reasons for loving Eve.
I can't wait to finish this book and see how it turns out, and I also am wondering if there will be another, I guess once I get to the end I will find out. Any thoughts on the topic?

Friday, June 3, 2011

And the winner is...

I have done a lot of thinking on purchasing an ereader, I was really heading toward the Nook Color, and honestly if it wasn't for my husband pointing out a lot of things I probably would have bought one. I think ereaders are awesome, after adding all my own books to them I have made sure to learn as much as I could about them, I had kindle on my Pc and my Android Tablet, I was always impressed, but something about the Nook Color was calling out to me. And the crazy part is the Kindle has had so many amazing reviews, I honestly don't think I have heard a bad comment about a kindle. The Nook I've heard a lot.
So I went for the Kindle, and I am super pleased with it, I love how easy it is to operate, I love the eink, I almost didnt believe it was a real screen , it looks just like paper. I am a proud Kindle owner! I already have 15 books on mine ready to read, and am busily finishing up Eternal Eden, if only I had more time with my kindle. Ooh and I even bought a really cool skin for it, butterflies and skulls, hot pink and black! I think ereaders are the most amazing thing, and I know I will be reading so much more now!! So yes I am very happy with my choice, Kindle's rock!!!!