Tuesday, June 21, 2011

whirlwind of thoughts

I figured I would spew forth some of my thoughts before bed. I have a lot on my mind, such as growing older. Its my birthday, and I really don't have any feelings on it. I'm now 28, I don't feel any different really. No gray hairs or wrinkles yet, so thats good. I guess I can say I am wiser, in all the years your lucky enough to still be alive its best to grow smarter, I mean what else is the point in living if you just get even more stupid?
I was also thinking about writing and why when I want to write is when I am not able to. And then the other times when I could I just don't feel like it. Its a really strange thing. I told the hubs the other day I wish a book could be written in like five minutes because this new one is complete in my mind, now its just a matter of purging it all onto paper.
Also today, I came up with an idea for another WINGLESS, yeah I said it. I think its a beautiful idea and a way to start fresh. I wonder what the readers will think.
My new book is coming along, need to bounce it off of my best friend like I always do to get her thoughts on it. This is what I always do, my process. I write and send her chapters,she reads and we sort of gossip like school girls at lunch about the characters. I guess my aim for this story is another romance but with fresh new characters and this new idea, the idea involves music and tattoos. And I do believe it holds a twist like Wingless that makes it very original.
I started two new books today, and I'm sure anyone who reads my blogs can tell how scattered I am. But yes I started two new books today, Fallen by Lauren Kate. And so far its slow, that doesnt mean I don't like it. But so far kind of has me feeling a bit depressed and dark. That could be because of today really. I sometimes am really bothered when I hear about celebs dying. ( I don't know why) maybe cuz any death scareds the bejeezus out of me. But really its just a sad reality that people can die, and people die when they least expect it. And then I feel horrible thinking about how the people who were close to them feel, and my brain shoves me into this place where I sit and think and try to feel what they are feeling, I'm sure that is why I am a writer haha.
I also started reading Jenny Pox and I actually like it, its gritty and sad. And I love how its kind of raunchy in a good way. So far I am pleased, but poor Jenny.
And as my addiction for music grows larger I am on the prowl for more music. Music is such an obsession I crave it, I literally feel sick almost when I don't hear it each day of my life, I wonder if that is normal. If not I dont care, music makes me feel good, its soothing, it balances my brain, my thoughts, my everything.
And lastly I am working on a new goal: Extreme Couponing!!! I am super excited. I am going to try and do what they do on tv, its almost like a game to see how much I can save. I recently discovered the show, and Nate Berkus had some of the coupon ladies on today and it just really propelled me into the idea. I want to try, I really want to see if I can do it. If anything it should prove interesting.
Alright seeing now that I am 28 I know old people arent suppose to stay up late. So I must get some rest so I don't break a hip tomorrow haha

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday. Lol. This blog is too funny. Its a little bit of everything. I love the part about the new idea for WINGLESS!! I've read Fallen, it is a pretty good book. It does start off slow, but it gets better. =)It seems like you have a lot on your plate...can't wait to read what you are working on! I am looking for something to read right now, I just finished Eternal Eden. I really enjoyed it, so now I will start my search again. lol