Sunday, September 27, 2009

I published a book!


Well my book came in the mail today !! And it looks awesome, I was so happy with it, it looks better then I could imagine. It was the best feeling to hold my own book ! My kids were super happy to see there names in it as well. A lot of my friends got there copies too and they were very proud and happy too! They can not believe they can now hold my creation that was just a bunch of words at one time lol
I know its going to do well, now its just a matter of getting it out there, I know once word of mouth spreads it will be a hit. I mean I had such a good time writing it, I still love writing it, book two was fabulous to write I cried near the end lol and then starting book three it was a new canvas to start all over again, that is the plus of a series you get to really do a lot with the same characters.
I had a friend a male friend by the way, I say this because I geared my book for women because I thought it was romance. Well he read and said he was afraid to but did and disagreed that it was just romance he said he loved it and demanded the second. He compared me to Stephen King which was nuts to me but oh so flattering, I have had about 8 -10 people read and have got all great feedback, the worst thing they have said was I am not writing quick enough, Ive gotten so much support, and people telling me that its more then a book it could be a tv series or movie, this is what is driving me to want to reach out further, and let everyone read and enjoy!
I also had some strangers sample a few chapters and all of them loved the book as well, some were as far away as Enland and India, This tells me it will work! I just need people to give me a shot, you can read the first 45 pages on the site to see if its something you like, and then if you like it you can buy from that same site. I give tons of props to LULU because they are simply amazing.
I have sold 20 books so far for almost a week of being up and published, thats not bad to me!! And its not about sales it about wanting for everyone to be able to read my writing, writing to me is what I was meant to do, its my passion I crave it, writing makes me feel better when i feel like crap, there is nothing greater then writing!
I simply did something that I have been wanting to do for so long and that is complete a book and I did that twice now and am halfway done with the third! I can honestly say I was inspired by a popular movie and theme going on I won't name names but lets just say the craze drove me to want to write. I read the books and watched the movies and it was truly inspiring to know someone can use there minds to entertain so many. But I didn't want to be the same, I wanted to do something totally different so I thought about it for awhile and I said what forbidden love is as good as a vampire but is not a vampire? What type of story would make readers say WTF? And I figured it out, life and death are topics we all think about all the time, so I found something that worked, I could write forever on the topic and it really seemed to take on its own life, I started to feel like I was just the body and the story was coming out via my fingertips! I truly feel it was meant to happen now, and this is all meant to be. I stick by the motto EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON!!
Everyone who has a dream should stick to there dreams no matter how silly they are. If something inspires you let the world know it, try your hardest to get where you want to be. That is how some of the most famous people got where they are today! If something is truly a talent it will stick with you your whole life so don't waste it, use it!!
Anyone who wants to support a new author I truly do appreciate it!

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