Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Halloween!

To all the ereader owners. In honor of halloween, the holiday I enjoy so very much, I am offering a free ebook copy of Ink!! Go to Smashwords, use the code AR37G and grab your copy of Ink, and just think you didn't even have to say trick or treat! lol. And if you are feeling in a kind and generous mood, remember I always like to hear your thoughts about the book. Don't be afraid to leave a review or even comment on my blog and let me know what you think about the book! Happy Holidays!!!


I started writing a new book series about a month ago if that. And I really am into it. I have nearly completed the first in the series. Its sort of a end of the world spin on romance. I love the characters, the content and most days I am laughing my butt off reading over the chapters. Not sure how many will be in this series yet. I think this time around I will set out to make only a number of books in the series. A few fun facts about Boonville: 1. Main characters name is Gianna "Gigi". 2. People can be perfect. (What??) 3. There are some hunky men running around in these parts lol 4. Be careful of the peeing toms! And lastly I apologize for disappearing for so long. Where have I been you ask? No where in particular just been busy with my three kids being in school. Also with writing. And lastly everything in life. My latest song of all songs if anyone is wondering. Anyone who has read my blogs knows how much I love good music. Here is my latest fave: Poison and Wine Oh and if you have yet to read Ink you should really do so! I have got all great reviews on Ink and I really would like to hear from others about Ink! Its probably my favorite right now!