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Interview with author T.M. Souders

T.M. Souders, author of Waiting on Hope.
Huge day today, guys! T.M. Souders, the amazing author of Waiting on Hope,is here with us today! She was awesome enough to take time out to answer a few of my questions!

So, sit back, enjoy the interview and don't forget to check her great books out!

Guys, please give a warm welcome to T.M. Souders!

How long have you been writing?

I started writing mid-way through college (about 7 years ago now, eek!) and have been writing on and off ever since. After the birth of my son is when I got really serious about my writing, however. I committed myself to it and wrote my first novel worthy of reading but not quite worthy of publishing. I then went on to write several others leading up to my first published novel, Waiting On Hope.

Who is your favorite character from your books? And why?

I have two published works of fiction, Waiting On Hope and Dashing Through The Snow (a novelette). It's so hard to pick a favorite character! It's like picking between children! I suppose though that Lexie (from WOH), because of her sheer strength and will to survive through tragedy, makes her on the top of my list. I also love Gemma from Dashing- because of her tell-it-like-it-is attitude. I would love to have a friend like Gemma.

What is the most difficult for you when writing?

I think the most difficult thing for me is clearing my mind and avoiding distraction. I have two young children, ages 3 and 18 mos., so they consume most of my time and make it extremely difficult to shell out quality writing time. By the end of the night, I'm usually exhausted, so being able to find time to write and truly focus on it is challenging.

Do you have any words of advice for writers?

Three very important things: Be patient. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. And don't compare yourself to other authors. These are very difficult things to do--things that I struggle with myself--but are SO important.

What are three interesting facts about you?

Interesting? Did I mention I have two small children? I'm pretty boring now-a-days, but let me see... My absolute, favorite place in the world is the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Give me a house there and I'd be in heaven. I was an addiction counselor for two years where I counseled opiate addicts. And supposedly, I had an ancestor that was on the Titanic, whom I'm sure did not survive because they would have definately been in Steerage.

Just one more question, I was reading your questions back and I was curious, What is something you don't think you could write about? (genre, topic etc)

Hmmm...good question. I know I couldn't write horror because I'm a chicken and would creep myself out, lol. As far as topics go, the only thing, as of now, I think I would have trouble with is writing any sort of scenes where a child is being harmed. If it's backstory, then maybe I could do it. But ever since I've had children myself, I have a really hard time hearing about incidents of abuse or the like in regards to children. It kills me and I prefer not to think about it, which is why I know I would be unable to write a scene like that effectively. It would be too emotional for me. When I write an emotional scene for a character, I have to feel what they feel, all of their emotions--the fear, the pain. And so, something concerning a child would be too awful for me to imagine and feel like that. I would also have a hard time not thinking of my own children.

And last tell us about any new or upcoming books to look forward to.

I am working on massive rewrites for a novel I wrote over a year ago titled, Freedom Road. It is going to be a YA/Crossover novel and I hope to have it out by the beginning of February. Rejected by everyone and everything, the main character, Samantha, turns to music. She is a guitarist with a dream of Juliard. But her father and friends have other plans for her...

For more info on T.M. Souders!/tmsouders

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Don't Be A Grinch!

Are you in the Christmas spirit?

Well, ‘tis the season, folks! Thanksgiving came and went in a flash. Now we look forward to trimming the tree and hanging the stockings…and shopping. Oh, the shopping. Sometimes I wonder if retail therapy isn’t more an exercise in anger management. It’s crazy out there! And the fact that my wallet is suffering from an acute case of anorexia doesn’t exactly put me in a festive mood. But when all is said and done, a smile on the little one’s faces is all that really matters…isn’t it? 

So why do we feel it necessary to spend every last dime we earn on gifts that our kids won’t even use or on presents for extended family and their family and so on? It’s a wonder people even get into the holiday spirit anymore. Christmas isn’t about how much you can afford or topping last year’s gift. This isn’t a popularity contest. We’re not trying out for lead cheerleader or pledging at Phi Beta Whatever. This is the time of year that we as people extend a helping hand to our fellow man. To show that we’re not just some war crazed, money hungry species, but that at our core we care about one another. This is the season for giving! 

My question to you then is, what are you doing this year to give back? Maybe it means donating $10 to a local charity or dropping your unwanted clothing at the Goodwill. Maybe you’ve bought a gift card at the super market benefiting a local food bank or you and your coworkers have adopted a needy family. Maybe it’s something as simple as slipping a dollar into the Salvation Army bucket. Whatever it is, no matter how big or small the gesture, this holiday season I’m challenging everyone to give back, then come back here and tell us about it!

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Immortal Rider (Lords of Deliverance) by Larissa Ione

Arik is a U.S. Army soldier and part of the R-XR, a paranormal unit. For most of his life he has avoided getting too intimate with women, partly because of his abusive childhood and partly due to the nature of his job. Because of his past, he hates liars, but unfortunately for Arik, he's about to fall for one of the biggest liars of all- Limos, Horsewoman of the Apocalypse.

As one of the four Horsemen, Limos, a.k.a. Famine, is a deadly combination of immortal warrior and classy female. Her beauty is undeniable, but getting too close is bad for your health. Betrothed to the Prince of Darkness, Satan himself, Limos cannot be touched by another man without breaking her seal and setting the Apocalypse into motion. And so far, for the last 5,000 years, she's managed to remain untouched. That is, until she meets Arik. Their attraction is undeniable. Arik is exactly what Limos would go for in a man, if she could have one. And for Arik, Limos is too sexy to be left untouched.

One fateful night, Arik and Limos share a scorching kiss...and it sends Arik straight to hell. For a solid month he is tortured in every way imaginable and then some, and all the while he entertains all the things he plans to do to Limos when he gets his hands on her... and not all of them are revenge. Arik simply can't get her out of his head.

Meanwhile, Limos can't get her mind off of Arik, and the idea of what must be happening to him because of her is too much to bear. Making a pact with her brother, Pestilence, who recently fell to the forces of evil, she must betray those she loves and risk revealing secrets that could destroy everything she holds dear.

This was a crazy ride with so much happening that I was left in awe, wondering how in the world Ione managed to fit it all into such a nice, neat little package. Limos is trying to save a man out of guilt and possibly love while trying to find a treasure and maintain her innocence--all of which could break her seal--before the demons do, while struggling to retain secrets and lies. Her brother, Thanatos, is struggling with his own battle of celibacy while facing a woman that temps him like no other, and Pestilence is as evil as they come, but hints of his humanity still manage to shine through from time to time letting you know that all is not lost...yet.

I loved the story itself, but I think my favorite part was Than's storyline. It was an obvious setup for the next in the series, but to me was the most incredible part. The writing was wonderful, the story wildly imaginative, and the characters warm, cold, charismatic and humorous respectively. There isn't a person I didn't like throughout, even the evil ones. They all have a quality that draws you in and makes you care, leaves you asking yourself, what if?

I can't wait until the next one!

Five hearts!!

Available on Amazon

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Review of The Way of the Black Beast by Stuart Jaffe

Absolutely Hooked! 

Raised by two evil, heartless magicians who think themselves gods, then cast out to fend for herself or succumb to the elements, Malja is a girl just trying to survive in a dangerous world that has been decimated by magic, and where violence is a necessary evil. Throughout her journey she keeps two things close to her: Viper, a straight edge, deadly extension of herself used to destroy anything that might bring harm, and Tommy, the adolescent youth/ magician who attached himself to her side after she saved him from his abusers. 

Following the death of the man who saved her, took her in, and acted as a caring and devoted father, Malja is driven by the Black Beast within, seeking revenge. While facing off with a guitar case toting Bluesman, a trained and hired assassin who has managed to stay one step ahead of her, taking out her contacts before she can gain any information from them, Malja finds out that the very men she has been searching for, her “fathers” Jerik and Callib, may just be looking for her too. Following a lead gleaned from the assassin, she finds herself at the home of Nolan, a simple woman with a lot of knowledge. This is where her true journey begins. From there Malja is taken across the desolate and ravaged lands encountering people, creatures, and beings of all shapes, sizes, and colors (yes, I said colors). She is forced to take on others along the way, each contributing in their own way. 

Being the warrior that she is, Malja spends a lot of her time denying her need for others, even her enjoyment of their company. She’d much rather go it alone, lessen the complications that come with watching out for the safety of others. Her denial even extends to Tommy who shows his desire to be loved by her, but also recognizes her limitations. Of course, Malja’s limits on emotional connections cause their own problems, putting a rift between her and Tommy, especially when a member of the troupe seems to be quite taken with him, and vice versa. Through a series of events, Malja is forced to look inside herself and be truthful both—she loves Tommy as a mother, not just a protector. 

I don’t want to give too much away because this story is very involved and well thought out. What I will say is this was such an amazing read! I was hooked from the opening line, blown away by the detail and mesmerized by the characters. They were so deep and well-developed that I felt an instant connection with them all. 

The world Jaffe thought up is incredible and impressive, and the imagery…stunning. Even right now, while trying to think of what to say next, my mind is spinning. There is so much to cover, from the charred remains of the Freelands to the less than desirable appearance of…well, a lot of characters, actually, to the to the fascinating fight sequences and glimpses into another world. Jaffe truly succeeds in transporting the reader into another world of fantasy brought to startling life. He covered every little detail and wrapped up the ending to perfection. No complaints here! 

I think I found myself a new favorite author! 

…Five Hearts all the way…

The Way of the Black Beast

Available on:

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Hey, It's Thanksgiving Everyone!!

You've been slaving for days, baking pies and peeling potatoes, chopping vegetables and tasting testing to make sure everything is just right, making all the preparations necessary to make the holidays grand and memorable. You've made your list and checked it twice....wait, that's Christmas.

Today we are giving thanks for good food, family, friends, and all a our readers and supporters. You've been great! And just to prove how great you are, we were thinking, what better way to say thanks then to give away FREE copies of our ebooks. Well, we could give you all money, but where's the fun in that? As my dad always said, 'it's so impersonal.' Now, aren't you glad we thought this through!

 Happy Turkey Day, from our home to yours!

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Review of Cross my heart by Katie Klein

Cross my heart—Katie Klein

Jaden McIntyre the main character in Cross my heart is an all around good person. She throws fundraisers for everything, from feeding the children in third world countries to raising money to battle glaucoma. She is all work and no play.

Everyone sees her as Ms. Perfect, the girl striving for excellence at everything she does. She has the boyfriend on the basketball team. A really great best friend. And an ideal family life. What more could she want?

While doing a fundraiser Jaden is late for class. She thinks this is no biggie because she also works in the office and practically writes hall passes herself. But this time it doesn’t work as well as she plans and she ends up paired with the boy in her class that everyone calls the “loner”. There are many rumors flying around school about Parker Whalen and they have bad written all over them. But Jaden isn’t about to let this get in the way of her good grades. She is determined to find a way to partner with Parker and make the best of it.

Parker isn’t so happy about their union and simply ignores Jaden altogether. It’s not until she corners him and literally forces him to speak to her that she gets anywhere with the antisocial guy. Parker sees Jaden as the most boring person at the school. And he lets her know this right off the bat. Soon Jaden realizes it’s not going to be as easy as she thought to be partners with the kid from the wrong side of the track.

Soon Jaden seems to be moving past the hard exterior and learning more and more about Parker. He isn’t the social misfit everyone thinks he is. He is smart, and has a lot to say. He is actually witty and has a funny personality. Parker doesn’t care what others think of him and this at times is frustrating for Jaden. She can’t always handle his quick wit and matter of fact personality, probably because he tells her the ugly truth—something she doesn’t like to hear.

The story centers on their school project. A report on a book about a dysfunctional love triangle. Jaden sees the story as tragic and finds it upsetting. While Parker sees sides to the story that she would have never thought of. The story brings up the discussion of love. And it’s obvious that Jaden is slowly finding herself wanting to know more about Parker. She devours the book in one night determined to prove to Parker that she isn’t just this boring girl. But I think it backfires because they exchange even more banter infused with a lot of subtle flirtation. You can see the bond grow stronger each time they meet. Each time they come together a little more is offered up from Parker. To the point Jaden is finding it hard to not look in his direction at school, and not think about him when he is not around. She even starts bringing him food because he never eats at school.

Soon her friends see the changes. They know there is something more than just a school project, but, Jaden is the only one who doesn’t want to admit it. Parker tells Jaden that she is bored, and wants to open her up to a whole new way of thinking. He wants to show her there is fun out there if she just will walk on the wild side. And after some prodding she does just that and gets even closer to him by way of motorcycles rides and late night meetings in her attic. All the while she feels horrible to be lying and hiding what she is doing from her boyfriend, friends and family.

Nobody but Jaden understands Parker. Everyone judges him and this is a bit upsetting to Jaden. She has to sneak to see him and ends up in some tricky situations because of it. In the end, she realizes that she is boring and safe. And she does have feelings for Parker. And the story turns into something I never expected.
As a reader I will say the writing was excellent. Katie Klein is an author capable of great conversation in this book. I loved the exchange between all the characters. It really felt real, like I was there witnessing it all. The story kept a good pace and never slowed or made me bored to tears.

Parker was a really swoon worthy guy in this story. I loved everything about him. He was so quick and blunt. He had a very callous attitude and it worked. I liked his over confidence when it came to Jaden. He didn’t have to go overboard to get her to want to be around him. He didn’t overstep his bounds with her at all. You couldn’t help but fall for Parker every time he opened his mouth and said something.
This book is Young adult; there wasn’t a whole lot of kissing or romance to the story. But I felt the connection even without. There was a tension between the characters that had you wanting and hoping for it to happen—and that’s always a good thing. If you’re looking for steamy this is not the story for you. But if you’re looking for a young adult romance that is sweet, moving and a good read, then this is the story for you.

As for negatives, the only issues I had through the entire book was the big part at the end. It wasn’t that I didn’t like what was going on with Parker. It was just a little unbelievable for me. And I actually had to read the part twice to make sure I understood what was happening. It kind of was a slap in the face. The kind you didn’t see coming. But I think maybe if I went back and read through, there were probably clues that I didn’t even take in.

I give the book five hearts!

Good read from a great author. I am a fan!

Favorite quotes from Cross my heart:

“He smirks, eyebrows lifting. “You’re surprised I’m capable of a thought-provoking conversation.”

“Aren’t we a little mature to be hiding in here? You’re not trying to get seven minutes out of me are you?”

“People believe what they want to believe. That’s not something you can change, whether you want to or not.”

“Why are you here? Does anyone really know why they’re here?” he counters.”

“Maybe I can stalk you again sometime.”

Buy your copy of Cross my heart by Katie Klein on Amazon.

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Review of Waiting on Hope by T.M. Souders

Waiting on Hope by T.M. Souders

Waiting on Hope is a story about Lexie. A young woman who was raped. The story starts with Lexie about to commit suicide. Lexie is having a hard time dealing with the rape and this is logical. Things go from bad to worse when she discovers she is also pregnant by her attacker. If that doesn’t make matters even worse, the attacker is someone she knows. And for reasons I won’t give away, she has to hide the secret from her best friend.

The characters in Waiting on hope were very realistic. Lexie was like any normal girl in her thirties. One that had a life that most would love to have. But she grew tired with that life and so she moved away from home. Not knowing that where she is happiest would soon turn into her worst nightmare when she is viciously attacked by someone she knows.

Lexie tries her best to maintain the life that she has but finds it’s not so easy because everything about her life reminds her of the rape.

So Lexie decides to go back home to her family. A place that she hopes will give her a relief and maybe some security again. And we meet her family. The one character that stood out for me was her mother, a very strong willed woman. And in the story her strength is described as not only physical but on the inside as well. And I think these words rang true about her mother. She was Lexie’s rock all the way through the book. Even if I felt like Lexie was too stubborn to admit it most of the time.

I can’t imagine having to come back home to a family you haven’t seen in a long time under the circumstances Lexie arrived under. But she does her best to put on a happy face and not trouble them with her predicament right off the bat. The moment she hugs her mother tore at my heart. You could feel the pain. You could feel all that Lexie wanted to spill, but she was trying to be strong for her family.

But everyone is not so welcoming. Lexie’s younger brother is still angry with her for leaving without as much as a goodbye. He wants an explanation. So it makes sense that he holds a lot of pent up anger for his sister. The two were close at one time and now Phillip, her brother, feels she just abandoned them because she was selfish. And now that she is back he wants to let her have it. I understood the anger, but, I also felt he was a little too unforgiving. This made for quite a few good points in the book. Lexie could have spilled her secret with her brother, but instead, she endures his anger for some time. She doesn’t lash out, she understands, and that shows a lot about her character.

Coming back to Ohio also brought Lexie back to the life she left behind. Elliot. Elliot is her old boyfriend who she was going to marry. The man she ran away from because she felt she was in his shadow. Elliot is perfect to many—more like everybody. And he loved Lexie with everything he had in him and then some. But for some reason this was too much for Lexie. She felt like her whole life was figured out. She felt like she was being suffocated by her life, and relationship. She feels Elliot was so perfect. But to Elliot he wasn’t, he never saw himself the way others saw him. In the story we see Elliot’s own regrets. He was so busy building this life with Lexie that he never asked her what she wanted. And he fears he is the reason their relationship didn’t turn into the happy life he envisioned with Lexie. But one thing is a constant throughout this book, its Elliot’s love for Lexie. This man loves her more than anything. And is willing to stick by her through it all, no matter how awful or ugly her life has become. He would do anything for her. And it’s so wonderfully obvious through the book.

Lexie comes clean with her family about the rape and they help her through. Even the moments when she falls apart, when she is sleeping by their bedroom door because she is so petrified. The girl has been through a lot.

When Lexie and Elliot finally come together again, you know the magic is still there between them. They both still love each other. But they are both still troubled about the past. Elliot because she left, and Lexie because she is just so confused and worried she has destroyed everything they once had. Plus, she is dealing with an unwanted pregnancy and rape that she doesn’t know how to get past. One that she doesn’t feel she will ever recover from.

Elliot missed Lexie. He missed everything about her. And you know this the moment he lays eyes on her again. The feelings are real and they are still there. And as the story carries on you see the connection grow stronger and the feelings flourish like a delicate flower. I loved how gentle Elliot was with Lexie. He was truly there for her. He never pushed to far or too much. He waited patiently and only wanted to hear her tell him that she loved him and that she would never leave again. It was a remarkable thing to see this man want the baby growing inside of her even when she saw it as nothing more than a “monster”. He promised her he would be there for her and treat her baby as her own if she chose to keep her. And this is another part of the story that we see her struggle with, giving away the baby she never wanted.

It takes Lexie a lot of time to come to terms with what happened to her. I think finding her place back home was the push she needed to survive such a horrific event. There were moments in the story that were gut wrenching. Like the moment she recalls the rape. The fear and the sadness this girl goes through is something you can’t fathom. But it’s there and moves you. We even see into her mother’s dealing with her daughter’s rape. And her feelings about never being able to be a part of her granddaughters life.

Parts of me wanted to scream at Lexie, to tell her not to be so cold to this baby she was carrying. But then other parts told me there is no way you could say that to someone going through something so horrendous. No one knows how they would handle such a thing.

By the end of the story Lexie only wants to be herself again. She wants the normal things back that we all take for granted. She wants to laugh again. To imagine forgetting what it felt like to do something so uncomplicated is sad. The idea someone can take that away in one night is horrifying. And then add losing your life and your best friends support for reasons that are out of your control but have been thrust upon you, it’s so sad.

The end of the book we see Lexie realize that maybe this baby isn’t so bad. And that the love for Elliot has never left. She is still scarred, but she is also a new person who is learning how to breathe again.

I do not want to spoil the book for readers. So I will say that I was happy with the ending. I think Lexie came full circle and found a way to carry on. She grew on me throughout the book. I liked her as a person. She didn’t pity herself, she wasn’t out of control or unreasonable. I think she actually was a tough person and deserved everything she got in the end of the book.

I thought the narrative was crisp and fast paced. I never grew fed up or tired with the writing. There was just enough detail to paint a vivid picture and not so much that it made my eyes glaze over.

I felt an emotional connection with the characters very easily with this book. I think the author did a great job with the story.

As a reader I think this story was well told. I would for sure recommend it to anyone who enjoys a story about courageous characters that make it out alive. It was romantic too, the love was cute and charming and very well put together.

If you’re looking for a steamier, gritty or explicit story this is not the book. I think the author did what was needed without shoving parts down our throat that might have been really harsh to some people’s taste on such a subject matter.

As for any negatives. My only issue was how quickly the reveal with the cell phone happened. And the how the rapist was confronted and taken care of. I feel like I might have expected a little more during the confrontation, but it still served its purpose. And I felt the birth might have been a little rushed and a few times I was blown away by the doctors. I wasn’t sure if I felt that was real enough for me during the birth. But I felt the connection and the moment.

Favorite quotes from Waiting on Hope:

“She knew all-too-well you couldn’t lock the devil out. He seldom arrived undisguised.”

“Loving Elliot was easy and always had been. Not loving him, even after all these years, was the hard part.”

“I’ll believe enough for the both of us, until you’re ready and can believe in yourself.”

Waiting on Hope by T.M. Souders

Available on:
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T.M. Souders: Facebook

What if failure was not an option?

If failure was not an option, what would you do?
If failure was not an option I probably would do one of two things. I would participate in a Ufc fight against the biggest and best rebel there was. If I wasn’t going to fail I would have the guts to go into battle. The thrill of taking the other person down. The roar of the crowd. That incredible feeling after a conquest, it would all be worth it. The stress that would be discharged punch after punch would be wonderful. What a thrill. And what an experience that would be.

As for a more serious response to this question. I would say I would cure all the diseases that had no cures. That way we didn't have to imagine a life of grief from the loss of loved ones. What a relief it would be if you could live without stressing about illnesses. Without having your parents, kids, aunts, uncles, friends etc taken away from you because of a disease. But the truth about this is, no matter what you thrive at, there is always something else. If I could cure all diseases that would fix the massive amount of problems the world faces, but sadly, not everything. And I don't believe anything could ever just be perfect and so simple.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Holly Hood

If failure wasn’t an option…
I would begin by being brave. Almost everyone is afraid of something, and I am no exception. I would start with climbing the ladder to the top step…Kidding! Although that is a horrible fear of mine.
If I couldn’t fail, I would seek to prove the one question that has always plagued mankind. That Heaven and Hell, angels and demons, and God really do exist. That after all of this, there is something more. Something to look forward to. Something to not be afraid of. That death is only the beginning of something much bigger and more beautiful than our wildest imaginings. And that when we lose someone we care about, they are never really lost, but merely a breath away.
If I couldn’t fail, I would dare to be happy. With all that life throws at us, it’s easy to lose your way and wallow in self-pity or despair. But I would chose to look for the silver lining and to help others see it for themselves so they could be happy, too.
“Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.” ~ Marcus Aurelius 

Brandi Salazar

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LOVE this series!!

I'm going to make this short and simple.

Once upon a time in a realm far far away....
The king and queen of Elden were vanquished by the Blood Sorcerer, but before they met their demise, they scattered their four children far and wide only to return again when the time was right, kill the sorcerer, and reclaim their royal heritage in a war to end all war.

Reda is a woman with a lot of baggage that causes her to question everything, including her own heart. But one thing she believes in (at least she's pretty sure she does) is the story her mother raised her on. The story of Little Red Riding Hood...the Elden version. Always holding out for her prince charming, Reda finds just what she is looking for when a magical book tears her away from the world she knows and plops her in a very unfamiliar place where the terrible--and breathtaking-- sights from her mother's story come to startling life.

Dayn is cursed to the wolfyn realm where he awaits his guide that is destined to help him end the curse and regain his kingdom. And when Reda arrives he gets far more than he bargained for.

This is the first book I have read by this author, and I loved her writing. I initially started this series because I love Gena Showalter, and I have been following it ever since. I can't say I am disappointed. I loved Dayn. He was charming and sweet, caring and tender, and fierce and protective. Everything a woman wants, right? I liked that he had his vulnerabilities as much as Reda and, in the end, needed her as much as she needed him, if not more so. Theirs was a heartwarming love that left me breathless. I was so invested in the characters that it drew out my emotions and when the end came and I found that I had to get the next in the series to find out the TRUE ending, I wanted to scream. So, obviously I lied when I said this would be short, but darn it, it was good! I'm glad it's part of my straining collection of books.*pets cover lovingly* 

Rating: 5 hearts!

Lord of the Wolfyn @

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In Shadows by Rebecca S. Foote

                        An Enchanting Read!

The story opens in a town where strange disappearances are rumored but dismissed as “old wives tales.” It becomes apparent very early on that the stories are very true. Dimitri travels and hunts with his brother, Trevaun, sometimes even making a game of it. During a challenge of who can kill the most, Dimitri abducts Ariana Dallenhauf upon her leaving a social event, and determines to make her his protégé. 

When Ariana awakes to her new life, she finds it difficult to adjust. Although her abilities come oddly easy to her, some of which even Dimitri is astonished by; she has a hard time parting with her mortal life much to Dimitri’s annoyance. She soon discovers a whole new world before her, however, one that existed right beneath her nose that is as complex as it is frightening. But with Dimitri by her side to guide her, it’s bound to be an exciting, eye opening experience.                 

When Dimitri and Trevaun are summoned back to the d’Avange castle by their uncle, the Grand Ruler of the Vampire Realm, to investigate a possible conspiracy, Ariana soon learns there is more to her than meets the eye, and the source of uncovering the mystery lies at D’Avange castle. 

I liked following along with Ariana as she tried to make sense of this new world she found herself in and of her instructor, Dimitri. It is obvious that he is a man hardened by his past. But as he and Ariana interact, a certain softness is revealed. 

I also found myself a little on edge when it came to Trevaun and his wife, Katrine. They are a ruthless couple that takes utmost pleasure in scouting and killing their victims. I often times felt the panic of the couples they targeted when they found out they were staring down the mouths of predators and they were the prey. Since I love a little darkness in my reading, it was very entertaining!

Overall, the story had a bit of a jerky beginning, but was quickly found its footing. I felt it was a little slow paced, and at times a little too descriptive as far as detailing every step and movement each character made. But I enjoyed it nonetheless. Foote is very good at describing even the smallest detail, which transported me back in time and made it easy for me stay firmly rooted in the story. The story took some interesting and unexpected turns as well, including dark magic and demonic influences that melded nicely with the vampire lore. I highly enjoyed trying to unravel who was behind the conspiracy, feeling like a bit of a detective and suspecting everyone in play at one time or another. The action sequences were lovely and delightfully gruesome. But if you are expecting an epic love story, you won’t find it here. Instead, I found the connection between Dimitri and Ariana to be very fitting of the times and generally very sweet and endearing. In short, Dimitri is a complete gentleman, which I loved. 

I recommend In Shadows to anyone looking for a story that combines mystery, revenge, love, friendship, and, of course, vampires. It’s truly an enjoyable read. 

Find Rebecca at any of the following links:

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Katy Perry - The One That Got Away

I like to share new favorite songs. This is one that I can't get out of my head right now. Katy Perry is awesome.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veteran's Day : Ebook Giveaway!

In honor of all the military, we at Fictitious Chronicles want to offer our thanks to all the men and women who have served our country, giving their lives in exchange for ours. There will never be enough thanks.
Furthermore, we have decided that, while the cost of freedom is great, the cost of a good book doesn’t have to be. To celebrate this Veteran’s Day we are giving away ebook FREE copies of our books. Simply choose the one that suits your fancy, run over to and enter the coupon code provided. And as always, we loved to hear from our readers. Although we would like to strap each and every reader to a chair in front of the computer and force a review out of you, we know we can’t—most of you live too far away! So feel free to leave a review if you are moved to do so, and enjoy!

Wingless Smashword Coupon Code: RG35U

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I'm addicted.

I always said I would never get into vampires. Eeek!! I so have. It started with Twilight. I totally didn't see that one coming. But there is a small part of me that feels all giddy when the movies are coming out. And its fun to jump in the celebration.
I am always up to celebrate anything that was once just simply the imagination of someone else. Its very inspiring. And I admit...there are times I sit back and imagine my books on the big screen--or the CW, or even Hbo lol
Well once again I was sucked in. I know I am probably way late to the party. But I am here and in my best. Vampire diaries! *screams like a girl* Where has this show been all my life? ANd how great is Damon Salvatore? Not to mention Stefan and his over brooding ways that make me sigh. Its a really great show. I love the darkness. I actually might like it more then True blood. The thing with True blood that gets me is all the different creatures trying to bump heads and get along on television. Something about Vampire diaries seems to work better--so far. I say this because I have only just started watching and I have yet to make that my final answer.And a big thank you goes out to Netflix for making this possible. I am now able to catch up on Vampire diaries because of them.
I am going to start looking a little closer at fads for now on. It seemes they are great sometimes.
Still working on writing. Took a break the last couple days to focus on getting some reviews on Ink. Ink is doing great might I add. So far I have got four five star ratings and one four star on Ink. This is very inspiring and makes me really happy. Just shows all the hard work put into Ink has paid off. I am so proud of Ink. I think it really shows the changes I have undergone as a writer. I have learned so much since the early days of Wingless. *waves at Wingless*

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Script - Nothing (Drinking Version)

Well, I thought I would do a little rambling before I write. I managed to nearly complete Boonville, which at one point I said would be a series. But maybe I should keep my mouth shut before I say these things because I'm not sure I will make another one after this-- but then again half the time I say this about anything I write I end up wanting to continue it later.
So on Halloween, things were spooky and a bit eerie, my fingers got to typing and out of nowhere I wrote this page of something spectacular. It was creepy and evil and I was a bit disturbed by it at first. But then later on I wrote another page and another until now I am sitting here with about five chapters.
Now once again I will put my foot in my mouth and say this is so going to be a series. But really I feel it. The story is titled "Love sucks" right now, I'm sure it might change but I actually kind of like it.
Its very very different then anything I've written. Its on a topic I hardly know anything about-- But I have been reading up and I find it very interesting. I like to put my own spin on things of course. Since this book is straightforward I will own up to what the book is about. Incubus. Yeah I know, I thought they were only a band too, haha. But yeah, its about incubus. And oh what fun is it to write. You got two brothers who are both a mixture of incubus and human. And I just absolutely love the dark, evil, sinister yet fun and sexy way this story is flowing. I even am doing it in third person which I have only done once before. It takes getting used to but I also love it because I feel its a breath of fresh air. And that it allows me to be able to open up another side of the story for my readers.
I was wondering today how many writers/authors bounce chapter by chapter off of their friends/family etc. Because I really like that part. I like to have one or two people who read my writing and give me feedback. I love hearing the play by play. But sadly right now I am a little to fast for my two dear friends so I am going it alone. They told me I'm a maniac, they don't know how I write so quickly. I get an idea I run with it. I can't just jot it on a piece of paper and leave it be and come back. Its like a domino effect in my brain, once it starts it doesnt stop and I need to purge it all for fear it will just fade away.
I'm not the kind of writer who sits back and obsesses over each chapter, I don't think I have ever changed anything I have written besides one of the current chapters in Boonville where i just deleted it and started from a new idea altogether. I will add more to the chapters but never will I change something.
Well off to write some more while the hubby plays the 360.

Goodnight all!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Halloween!

To all the ereader owners. In honor of halloween, the holiday I enjoy so very much, I am offering a free ebook copy of Ink!! Go to Smashwords, use the code AR37G and grab your copy of Ink, and just think you didn't even have to say trick or treat! lol. And if you are feeling in a kind and generous mood, remember I always like to hear your thoughts about the book. Don't be afraid to leave a review or even comment on my blog and let me know what you think about the book! Happy Holidays!!!


I started writing a new book series about a month ago if that. And I really am into it. I have nearly completed the first in the series. Its sort of a end of the world spin on romance. I love the characters, the content and most days I am laughing my butt off reading over the chapters. Not sure how many will be in this series yet. I think this time around I will set out to make only a number of books in the series. A few fun facts about Boonville: 1. Main characters name is Gianna "Gigi". 2. People can be perfect. (What??) 3. There are some hunky men running around in these parts lol 4. Be careful of the peeing toms! And lastly I apologize for disappearing for so long. Where have I been you ask? No where in particular just been busy with my three kids being in school. Also with writing. And lastly everything in life. My latest song of all songs if anyone is wondering. Anyone who has read my blogs knows how much I love good music. Here is my latest fave: Poison and Wine Oh and if you have yet to read Ink you should really do so! I have got all great reviews on Ink and I really would like to hear from others about Ink! Its probably my favorite right now!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Writing prompt day 1

I have decided to use my blog as a mean to excercise my brain. So here goes. Once or twice a week I will post a small topic and write about it. And who better to share it with? Today's topic is: Describe a perfect world. In a perfect world I would have no fears. In a perfect world there would be no stress about getting sick. You wouldn't have to lose loved ones. And those who were bad would be punished for their actions. In a perfect world we would do away with our f%cked up goverment and do things the right way. In a perfect world no one would know how it felt to go hungry. And people would have compassion for one another. In a perfect world it would never snow or rain, unless thats what you liked. We all could have our own season and live in it happily. In a perfect world the things that were fun wouldn't cost anything, they would be free. But sadly perfect doesn't exist and we are living in the real world.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Stop, collaborate and listen!

I collaborated on a story with my two close friends who also love to write. The book is called Midnight Masquerade and its a novelete. Just a short story. Murder mystery style. It is available on Lulu and should be on Kindle sometime today. It was fun writing with two other writers. A very unique expierience!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Snippet of new book

This is the new book I am working on.. I wanted to share a part with everyone who reads my work. Enjoy. And remember sometimes my work is foul mouthed like a sailor. If you are offended easily then I suggest not reading any further. But if you have a sense of humor then enjoy! *Explicit Language* I wanted to share a little snippet of what I am currently writing. “Pop pop, there you are.” I said, delighted to see him upright and eating. He poked around at his scrambled eggs, trying to get a hold of them on his plate. “I don’t like organic eggs. They want to feed me outer space food,do I look like Neil fucking Armstrong?” He grumbled, working the fork into his mouth with such anger. I hoped he didn’t stab himself. But I kept quiet because he didn’t like being told what to do. “Organic is just healthier. It has nothing to do with outer space.” I took a seat, grabbing my sketch book from his table. Wiping off the toast crumbs, I flipped the cover and surveyed my work. It was almost finished. A portrait of Pop pop, with the normal scowl and tuft of ashen hair sticking up all over his head and some coming out of his ears. The last signs of his raven colored hair nothing but a memory, the smallest amount of gray peeked through his stark white hair. If it wasn’t for his eyebrows you would have never known he once had a head full of black hair. “If they didn’t fuck up the food, we wouldn’t have to pay extra for healthy versions of this bullshit. It’s the government’s way of sticking it to us. Food is food. They are trying to kill us.” “You’re not paying for it, Pop pop. The hospital is. So just eat it.” I started sketching out his hair, remembering to add “extra” hair like he wanted. “Fuck you and your commie bullshit,” he growled. He chucked the plate to the floor. Which sent his nurse running into the room. She was a young girl, short hair, with a quick reaction time apparently. “Eugene, are we having a grouchy moment?” she said, talking to Pop pop like he was a little kid throwing a fit over his spilled milk. She kneeled down, collecting the eggs one by one. “I’m having a ‘I’ll smack the smirk right off of your face moment, Blondie.’ Why don’t you get me some real food? Not this bullshit that you want to call eggs.” He grabbed his bed controller, plummeting himself downwards and this only upset him further because he wanted to turn the television on not lower himself into a reverse downward facing dog. “Back in my day remotes were getting your ass up and turning shit on!” I laughed at his bad mood. He meant no harm; most times he was completely unaware what he was even saying. “Back in your day Eugene there were no televisions.” The nurse said, taking the plate and its contents and heading out of the room. “Back in my day we rode dinosaurs to work. And woman knew how to shut their pie holes and make their men dinner. And they didn’t have men’s haircuts. What are you one of those carpet monsters?!” I was thankful the nurse was out of my view. I could only imagine the horrified expression she was probably wearing all thanks to Pop pop.