Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I'm addicted.

I always said I would never get into vampires. Eeek!! I so have. It started with Twilight. I totally didn't see that one coming. But there is a small part of me that feels all giddy when the movies are coming out. And its fun to jump in the celebration.
I am always up to celebrate anything that was once just simply the imagination of someone else. Its very inspiring. And I admit...there are times I sit back and imagine my books on the big screen--or the CW, or even Hbo lol
Well once again I was sucked in. I know I am probably way late to the party. But I am here and in my best. Vampire diaries! *screams like a girl* Where has this show been all my life? ANd how great is Damon Salvatore? Not to mention Stefan and his over brooding ways that make me sigh. Its a really great show. I love the darkness. I actually might like it more then True blood. The thing with True blood that gets me is all the different creatures trying to bump heads and get along on television. Something about Vampire diaries seems to work better--so far. I say this because I have only just started watching and I have yet to make that my final answer.And a big thank you goes out to Netflix for making this possible. I am now able to catch up on Vampire diaries because of them.
I am going to start looking a little closer at fads for now on. It seemes they are great sometimes.
Still working on writing. Took a break the last couple days to focus on getting some reviews on Ink. Ink is doing great might I add. So far I have got four five star ratings and one four star on Ink. This is very inspiring and makes me really happy. Just shows all the hard work put into Ink has paid off. I am so proud of Ink. I think it really shows the changes I have undergone as a writer. I have learned so much since the early days of Wingless. *waves at Wingless*

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