About Us

Brandi is a student, a wife, and a mother of three, which means she’s really busy (probably a little crazy too!). But no matter how busy she is she always finds time to read. Brandi is an avid book collector, which is a nice way of saying that she is addicted to books. And it’s probably safe to say Walmart knows her by face now. She also writes. Mainly romance based novels, but always with a twist of fantasy or the paranormal. Her passion is editing, which is what she is going to school for. To date she has edited two books in the Wingless series as well as Ink and her own books. She is currently working on another author’s book and has plans to edit more in the future.

Brandi is the author of Faerie Tales: The Misfortune of a Teenage Socialite, Darkness and Lies : A Brotherhood Novel, Addicted to Magic (Book 1 in the Addicted series), and Buried Secrets. Available on Amazon for purchase, or borrow for Amazon Prime members.

You can also follow Brandi on her personal blog Twisting Minds One Word At A Time and on Goodreads

Holly is a wife and mother of three. In her spare time she writes. Mainly paranormal romance or just romance, but always with dysfunctional characters or situations. This has always been her passion since the age of eleven. She is a reality tv fanatic. And also addicted to music. She can't go a day without listening to her favorites. Holly likes to laugh and doesn't like taking life to seriously because its short.

Holly Hood is the author of the Wingless book series (Wingless, Polar, Scattered and Broken, Prison of Paradise, Letters to You and Back to life)also Ink. And she is working on another book series currently. These can be found on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble and Lulu.

Brandi and Holly have been friends since third grade so, twenty years. They compare their friendship to the likes of peanut butter and jelly, Starsky and Hutch, or Vinnie and Pauly D but with a little less hair gel and fist pumping.
With a bond so strong, Holly swears if you punch Brandi she will feel it and laugh uncontrollably. Thanks for stopping by ! Enjoy !