Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Script - Nothing (Drinking Version)

Well, I thought I would do a little rambling before I write. I managed to nearly complete Boonville, which at one point I said would be a series. But maybe I should keep my mouth shut before I say these things because I'm not sure I will make another one after this-- but then again half the time I say this about anything I write I end up wanting to continue it later.
So on Halloween, things were spooky and a bit eerie, my fingers got to typing and out of nowhere I wrote this page of something spectacular. It was creepy and evil and I was a bit disturbed by it at first. But then later on I wrote another page and another until now I am sitting here with about five chapters.
Now once again I will put my foot in my mouth and say this is so going to be a series. But really I feel it. The story is titled "Love sucks" right now, I'm sure it might change but I actually kind of like it.
Its very very different then anything I've written. Its on a topic I hardly know anything about-- But I have been reading up and I find it very interesting. I like to put my own spin on things of course. Since this book is straightforward I will own up to what the book is about. Incubus. Yeah I know, I thought they were only a band too, haha. But yeah, its about incubus. And oh what fun is it to write. You got two brothers who are both a mixture of incubus and human. And I just absolutely love the dark, evil, sinister yet fun and sexy way this story is flowing. I even am doing it in third person which I have only done once before. It takes getting used to but I also love it because I feel its a breath of fresh air. And that it allows me to be able to open up another side of the story for my readers.
I was wondering today how many writers/authors bounce chapter by chapter off of their friends/family etc. Because I really like that part. I like to have one or two people who read my writing and give me feedback. I love hearing the play by play. But sadly right now I am a little to fast for my two dear friends so I am going it alone. They told me I'm a maniac, they don't know how I write so quickly. I get an idea I run with it. I can't just jot it on a piece of paper and leave it be and come back. Its like a domino effect in my brain, once it starts it doesnt stop and I need to purge it all for fear it will just fade away.
I'm not the kind of writer who sits back and obsesses over each chapter, I don't think I have ever changed anything I have written besides one of the current chapters in Boonville where i just deleted it and started from a new idea altogether. I will add more to the chapters but never will I change something.
Well off to write some more while the hubby plays the 360.

Goodnight all!!

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