Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Yeah I said it, its sunday. Its been a while since I wrote on this blog. Well let's see. On the writing front I am 117 pages into the new book Ink. I am really impressed with how great its going. My best friend says this is my "gem". This is a term we use to say the one lol. Its funny though because it seems we say it alot about our books. I really like Ink, its going so well. I find myself reading the chapters back two three times in a row because its so much fun to read.

I finished another book on the kindle, Jenny Pox. Totally worth the read. My favorite part about reading is finishing and posting a review, that part is a lot of fun. Now I am trying to decide what to read next I have so many on the list. Not sure what I am looking for. I think I am a paranormal romance girl.

Going to a birthday party today, that should be fun.

Oh and on a sales front things are going well, I've even got some more reviews to add to my review arsenal. Someone asked me the other day if reviews ever get easier to handle. I say eventually you take them with a grain of salt. If you think about it, its fun. I like to see what others think about my writing. And most times I feel people feel the way I felt writing when they are reading it. As long as you remember your doing what you love and that you can never ever ever please everyone you should be good to go. Oh and thick skin, because they are not always going to like your beliefs or characters, or your characters actions in the story. Some readers simply enjoy the writing, while others are more wrapped up in facts and details. It all depends on the person. Readers are great, with their viewpoints it helps open your mind and see other people's views on your writing. It can even help you see something you might not have the first time.

Lastly I think all writers improve over time, you learn on the journey. You pick up new habits, you drop old ones. Writing is the greatest thing because there is no one way to do so. I've read many different writing styles lately and I've enjoyed them all in different ways.

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