Friday, June 3, 2011

And the winner is...

I have done a lot of thinking on purchasing an ereader, I was really heading toward the Nook Color, and honestly if it wasn't for my husband pointing out a lot of things I probably would have bought one. I think ereaders are awesome, after adding all my own books to them I have made sure to learn as much as I could about them, I had kindle on my Pc and my Android Tablet, I was always impressed, but something about the Nook Color was calling out to me. And the crazy part is the Kindle has had so many amazing reviews, I honestly don't think I have heard a bad comment about a kindle. The Nook I've heard a lot.
So I went for the Kindle, and I am super pleased with it, I love how easy it is to operate, I love the eink, I almost didnt believe it was a real screen , it looks just like paper. I am a proud Kindle owner! I already have 15 books on mine ready to read, and am busily finishing up Eternal Eden, if only I had more time with my kindle. Ooh and I even bought a really cool skin for it, butterflies and skulls, hot pink and black! I think ereaders are the most amazing thing, and I know I will be reading so much more now!! So yes I am very happy with my choice, Kindle's rock!!!!

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