Friday, June 10, 2011


I completed the sixth book in the series, the name of it is Back to Life. I was very happy with the ending, and I can't wait to hear feedback on what my readers think about it. I know some that have been waiting ever so patiently. This has been yet another journey with and ending that tore at my emotions, I worked hard for days on the last couple chapters, and I cried at the end, for many reasons. It was a tough decision but it was the way the cookie crumbled :) I hope everyone enjoys it. Now I am looking forward to trying something totally fresh and new, and also polishing up Gypsies. Oh and speaking of Gypsies I started writing the second book of that one, I do not know when I will venture into it, but I have my start and that will help a lot for the days when I want to return to that story. I really am looking forward to getting some reading in of my own because I do enjoy reading other people's books too. I also want to post reviews of the books I am reading for the readers out there. And do a little more toward promoting my own work.
I came up with an idea last night that I possibly will give one person the whole series which would be all 6 of the books, it would have to be some kind of giveaway or contest just not sure what yet.
And lastly I look forward to diving into some new ideas I have, some of my ideas are far out there, and some are just everyday life. Can't wait!!


  1. Hi. I just finished reading Back to Life, and was wondering if this the final book of the series? Thanks!

  2. Right now I am not sure,I could probably write Wingless forever. But a little part of me wants to step away right now and try something new. I am working on some other things right now, I have other book ideas and some to finish up.I will always keep people updated on Wingless for sure though. I just started writing another book yesterday as well :)

  3. I really enjoy reading your books. You are very talented. =)

    I hope that there is another book in the Wingless Series. I really enjoyed the first book because of Evan and Eves Connection and would love to finally read some happiness for them after all of the "Drama" they have been through. lol I am so excited that they found their way back to eachother,and taking a break after all of that writing is always good. Enjoy working on other projects. I'm sure they will be awesome!

  4. Thank you very much. It means a lot to hear from the readers. I am glad you liked Wingless, it was a fun time writing all six in the series. Evan and Eve will always be that special couple to me. And I hope to write many more stories for all to enjoy. Its tough to try and come up with unique ideas but I think I have another one up my sleeve :)