Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Defining me

Ok so maybe its about time to explain my writing style, what is inside my mind, and why I write the way that I do, or simply how I write. This is my blog, the perfect place to really shed light on what makes me tick as an author. And if your a reader and curious about me as an author then you came to the right place. I myself think it would be a great thing if every author shared their inner workings with the reader.

*stands up* I am Holly and I am a writer, I have a twisted imagination, and I do not write fairy tales. There probably will never be a knight and shining armor moment, you probably will never close my book or your ereader and say.." Wow, they lived happily ever after."

I speak the truth in my writing, not what someone wants to hear, I make my characters real, stubborn, mean, hurtful, depressing,moody. Because that is life, no one falls for the hot guy in school and lives happily ever after. If you want that then my books are probably not for you.
And you might be thinking what fun is a book without happy some point in it, well your right, my books are a lot of things, and just because they are real and show real reactions in life doesn't mean that things can not turn out well.

I guess what I am saying is my writing is a slap in the face most days, I am the kind of writer that is moved by feeling, real life, and my own emotions, mixing your emotion and opinions with any subject matter is going to turn into a monster of a story. I come up with ideas all the time, I take what I know, what I learn, what I seen or whatever and I scrambled it all into one giant ball of a situation, sometimes I have an angle, sometimes its for fun.

I guess the point that I am trying to make is I am not out there researching what is going to sell, I am writng from my heart, and if someone can't handle reality and raw story telling, if they can't read a book that could turn out sad, or make them angry then maybe they shouldn't be reading my work.
If you enjoy reading a real book, that is fresh and from maybe a different perspective on love, life, death etc then I believe I got something for you. I do not want to be like everyone else, I am not trying to be anything but myself, I have always enjoyed writing and I will always enjoy it because I will never conform to someone else's idea of right. Creative expression is the best thing in the world. I respect every author out there that is doing that, I am a reader myself and I enjoy a variety of books.

Moral of the story guys is there is no prince charming in my books, prince charming probably was killed by one of my many male characters running around in my books, to be replaced with a spitting, swearing, drinking, tough guy that will offend you with his honesty while sweeping you off your feet!

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