Thursday, May 12, 2011

Maroon 5 - Give A Little More

I think I have a crush on Maroon 5 now that I watch The voice, I always was a fan, but Adam really cracks me up. He was the one judge that really didn't waste his time, he knew what he wanted, and he was so cocky.The show is great, so much better then American Idol.

I said I would return with some more of my indie author journey...

The biggest thing I worked on starting out was finding my way promotion wise, I did not want to be that annoying promoter of my work. I wanted to know the people as well as tell them about my work, if someone wants to read my books fine, if not I am not going to cry over it, or be super aggresive.I myself don't read something unless it spikes my interest, I am not a big reader, I have always enjoyed reading, but ever since I can remember I have been so into creating my own writing I haven't done much reading. But when I do, I like a good story, a writer that has humor, who can really paint the picture visually in my mind, where I don't feel like I am reading anymore, but more living in their world.

The best advice I could give,its only been a few months for me. Interact with readers and writers, there is no better way. Socializing and showing that you are a person, it really works wonders. I tried all the promoting avenues, I went into forums, I made the website, blah blah blah. But now I am down to only a few things, and they all consist of being me. When I wake up in the morning, I go to Facebook, I interact with my writing and reading groups, I really care what is going on with these people. And they have a lot of good advice, as well as they are interesting characters, my reading list is full of their books, these are the ones I am reading because they caught my eye, and I have grown to enjoy the person behind the books so much, I want to know what kind of writer they are. I also am a member of Goodreads, though this is taking some time to get into, I do giveaways on my books, because I want to give someone the chance if they want it to read my book without the pressure to buy. Giveaways are great, its like the samples at the grocery store, taste the product before you spend your money on it. And then there are book bloggers, I submitted my books to a bunch, and this also has generated sales for me. Word of mouth is an amazing thing. You have to put yourself out there, again show that your a real person, care about the readers, and be you. Not to mention getting with the bloggers for author interviews, its fun, and its a way to show your face.

To end this I really don't think there is a set way to be good at doing the author thing, you have to make it right for you, not everyone does it the same, and I find something new out everyday. But in the end it all falls back onto the book, you can make something sound amazing, promote it until your blue in the face, but if no one likes it and wants to read it, then it is all for nothing. And don't forget to write!! You can lose track of that quickly, and thats the most important, readers are about the books, the more you have the better. And support your fellow authors, we all are striving for the same things, and there is room for all of us!!

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