Sunday, May 15, 2011

Matchbox Twenty - Rest Stop

Speaking of story tellers, Rob THomas is a great one.

The weekend, although it was great it went to fast!! Oh how I miss the days of having nothing to do, I used to be bored, not anymore I tell ya! But I wouldn't have it any other way.

Book sales are awesome, I am so grateful for that. Its an amazing feeling for sure.
I have been busy editing, reading and more editing, I had a couple chances to read a bit, which I am going to try to finish up this week, so I can post reviews on these books.
I really can't wait to start some new stories, the hubby and I were rolling around ideas yesterday, I have probably 4 great book ideas.
I also read about 20 pages of a story my best friend started, and its so good. I can't wait until she throws all her stories on Amazon Kindle, she is going to do so great.

I really want to get back into book 6, I am at a point in the story where there is going to be so many emotional rollercoasters, and that is my favorite kind to write. But I will wait, because I really want to finish editing these, I feel once they are gone over and polished it will be one less thing on my mind. And then I can focus on writing.

As for life, its still amazing and I am inspired more and more everyday to just be the best I can be. It sounds cheesy, but I want to do nothing but appreciate all the great, and forget about the negative. And of course any life has negative. I was watching Oprah the other day, and I heard something said by Maya ANgelou, she said "If you know better you do better." and its true, and a wise thing to escape someone's lips. People leaves such lasting impacts on my mind, with nothing more then words.

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