Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dear diary

Good morning!

We battled storms all day yesterday here in Ohio, rain and more rain. Even some tornado weather. Nothing like the people in Joplin or anywhere else, my prayers are with them for sure, I couldnt beging to imagine. Living where I have my whole life we have never had a tornado anywhere close, but a couple years ago that actually did happen not to far away from here, it wiped out the whole highschool, scary stuff.

Its the end to a school year almost, and I must say I am pretty thrilled about that in some ways. I plan to make the most of the summer for the kids, let them have a blast before they start back again. Lots of swimming.

We celebrate two birthdays in June in our family, my son's and mine. He is having a Wwe birthday this year, since he is so into wrestling. And I really can't wait for it, going to be great. As for myself, I have never been a fan of birthdays, all I ask is for a gift, and this year I am at a crossroads on what to get. I had an android tablet which had kindle on it, eventually I really didn't like the android tablet so I stopped using it all together, and then we ended up giving it to a family member. But now that I am getting really into reading I'm not sure what to do, I am stuck on Nook Color or an Ipod Touch, my dilemma is this: I used to have an ipod touch and I loved it, this was before they put the cameras and all that on them. I even read books on my ipod, I really loveeeeeeeeee music so some parts of me say get the touch you will have all of that right in one device, then the other part says get the Nook because its bigger, you can play music etc, the only difference is the Nook doesn't have a camera, but I have plenty of cameras so its not really an issue. I even thought about an Ipad 2, but with all the writing I do, I don't think I would really appreciate it,what to do hmmm....

*Wingless Update*
I wrote three chapters in three days, its getting so easy to just crank them out now. I am really happy with the outcomes so far in the story, and I think I finally have figured out the ending for this book!! Everyone always ask is this the last one, and I always say the same thing... "I don't know until the end."

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