Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Last night I had this really odd dream, I was training as a diver, plummeting into dark water, and it only counted when i plunged as far down as I could possibly go. The only problem was it was a brick enclosure, and I was afraid I would hit my face if I fell to far, just a really strange dream.

So on to another topic, I thought inspiration would be a good one to discuss today. What inspires you?
I know what inspires me in my writing, and in life. Its moments, the other night the husband and I were watching movie trailers, something we do a lot. Well he never wanted to watch The fighter, Im not sure why, maybe Mark Wahlberg spoiled a few to many movies for him. (The other guys, the happening), don't get me wrong I love Mark Wahlberg, as a kid I had a massive crush on him. (Fear, Basketball Diaries, The big hit, Marky Mark and the Funky bunch etc...) so anyways we watch the trailer and there is this one scene that is still stuck in my mind, and with the help of links I hope to be able to just share it with everyone this scene when he tells his brother "You ain't me....." it was powerful, something that instantly made me want to see the movie, words are magic to my ears, they really can paint any kind of picture they want to. When I watch tv, or a movie and the actor is delivering an emotionally charged line, one that puts me on edge, makes me cry, its brillant. I love feeling someone else's emotions, its an andrenaline rush, great movies, book and music can do that. If I was able to sit here all day I could come up with all my favorites, so I think I will make a seperate blog and do just that.

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