Tuesday, July 5, 2011

This is life.

So I had to blog. Everyone is blowing up Fb abotu Casey Anthony. This is something I have watched on Nancy Grace from the beginning. I will never forget the first news headlines. What kind of mother doesn't report their child missing for 30 days? That was my thinking when it first started.
But sadly it turned into a media circus. Caylee fell through the cracks. Now everyone is enraged because there was no justice. Well how much justice can one get when there is no evidence. I watched some of the trial. It was a bunch of crap spewing from every which way. No one had solid evidence. They had what ifs. They painted a spotty story, but never provided answers, concrete facts.
I guess if they were looking to make the family look really screwed up, well they did that perfectly. I don't like to talk bad about people but something is not right with any of them.
The things that bother me now are simple. Fine she is not guilty, a group of jurors decided to say she wasn't. And I'm sure they feel they did the right thing. Whatever. But somebody still did some kind of harm to that child. I say this because if it was an accident she would have been taken to the ER or 911 would have been called. And instead of constant lies for years, they would have just been mourning a child. The family knows what happened to her. And they all will have to live with that until the day they die. And if its true after death, they will be judged by a higher power.
If they loved Caylee so much, they wouldn't have sat back and lied. They only worried about themselves. The little girl counted on them to take care of her and keep her safe and they failed. And now instead of being human and having a heart, they want to sweep it under the rug and make up lies and tell tales.
So now Casey is going to walk free. She served enough time to really see no time in jail now. But that doesnt mean life is going to be some wondeful time for her now. She has been plastered all over the world. Some people just do not deserve to be parents. I believe regardless if there was proof or not, Casey should have been sentenced and found guilty. Because it was HER CHILD and she was responsible for taking care of her, and she failed! Why can't we make people own up to their stupid choices? Where are the courts for that?

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