Thursday, July 14, 2011

Here I am

Well seems like its been awhile since I wrote anything. That could be because I feel like my brain is really scattered. Its not so easy anymore to just get one thing accomplished. Causes major anxiety to have a million thoughts going off in your brain at once.
The good part is I wrote almost 300 pages of the newest book. The bad part is I have slacked big time on promoting myself as a writer. But I care a lot more about writing, and when an idea strikes I can't just push it aside.
So today I am going to do some author interviews and jump back into the forums. Need to reconnect with the readers and writers.
The newest book is amazing. I love it. I really think my readers will really enjoy it as much as Wingless.
The world has been a crazy annoying place lately. Sometimes I think I should just unplug my television and internet to not feed into all the bullshit. I'm tired of hearing about Casey Anthony now. The first day or so fine, but now they stretch it into nothing to try and come up with a story. Let it rest already! There are way more important things going on around us. The world seems to have lost focus. The news only worries about things that don't matter. It really is saddening that we care more about celebrity trends and cellphone apps then real issues.
So yes I am still around. And soon enough I will have another book finished and under my belt. I'm trying to enjoy summer, which so far I have.
And to end this I would like to thank my husband for being amazing and so insightful. Sometimes when I write I toss ideas around with him. And this time he really came up with a great idea for Ink. He's great.

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