Friday, July 22, 2011

The news

Just a quick rant. I sleep with my television on. And sometimes listening is great. Other times it just really doesn't start my day well. I swear the news just tries its hardest to depress the world. Take this morning for example. The headline was what state has the most toxic air. And my half sleeping brain says..Ohio. And when they return they say Ohio is number one for most toxic air. Because of power plants they said. Well not much any of us can do about air is there? So why make people worry about something they can't change? If I moved to uhhhh...Florida something there would be toxic. If I packed up and went someplace else there would be something wrong with that too. And then this was the icing on the cake. Woman who are taller are more likely to get cancer. Do scientist have anything better to do? I guess that one bugged me because I'm tall. And now apparently I'm more prone to cancer? *rolls eyes* Anyone can get sick. Its not one type. People get sick and its for various reasons. I don't think height has anything to do with it. I just wonder why we sit and try to start mass hysteria. I could be the healthiest person in the world and still get struck with something. I would rather live life not focused on if I'm too tall, in the wrong state breathing the wrong air, eating the wrong foods etc. People who live like that can't possibly be living. There is never going to be a right answer on why some people are given what they are given in life. And trying to figure it out will just make you crazy.

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