Monday, August 15, 2011

Just when I thought I was out...they pull me back in.

It's been awhile. Hello. Here I am.

I have finished yet another book. And it is going through the editing process as we speak. We thought it would be up and running today, but my editor needed more time. Which is fine. I am very excited about making the cover. I think I have some good ideas right now, now just a matter of what I like the best for the cover.

And here is a little update on Wingless Book Series. I think the above video says it all. haha. I can't let it go. I miss Eve, Evan, Kenny and Ari. I miss their crazy screwed up lives. And I just really am dying to write some more. This is what is in my mind about starting another Wingless. A couple different scenarios I am toying with. I would love to hear what others think.

1. A new female character. Who meets Kenny. To me this opens up a new world for me. I can still use everyone in Wingless, but its more or less a new angle. And I think Kenny deserves more of the spotlight. (I can imagine this new character showing the reader a new view of Eve, Evan, Kenny. I see Eve spilling lots of details to her, maybe making up white lies to try to get her to leave Kenny alone.) I don't know, it would be a cool spin. And probably a lot of fun.

2. Kenny POV. Kenny Carlo is such a character in these books, I think it would be great to show how his life turned out after he left.

3. Oliver. Throw the story decades forward and make a new story based off of Evan and Eve's son Oliver. How interesting would he be, he is half Greaper and half healer.

I really am tossing all these possibilities around. Plus, the normal just make another story. But the thing is, I really don't know what more I could do. I will have to sit down and really think about that one if I was to go this route. Sometimes things can get played out.

Alright off to watch Secret Life of the American Teen...suffered a horrible migraine today and still recovering! First one I have had in a year. I thought I was over them. I would rather go through labor then have migraines, thats how awful they are.

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