Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday afternoon

Afternoon all, well what to blog about. In the writing front I have done more editing then writing, sales are good. I want to come up with more ways to reach out to the UK, Amazon doesn't have that much of an extensive way to do so. I have sold a lot of books out of the United States. And this makes me pleased, I have been really considering the book blogger idea, but I can only google so much in one day. I need to find a book blogger that I feel good about. I really wish there was better sites out there to satisfy my questions, I find tons of stuff online but most is someone trying to sell something, what happened to people just sharing useful information? Whenever anyone ask how I do something I am happy to tell them, I don't ask for a fee. I think I am going to paint my nails, let my brain be for the day before I start back to research and editing. Everyone could use a break. So for today music will be the only thing I am intertwined in, and like always it will be good music!

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