Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Days of our lives

Like sands through the hourglass so are the days of our lives.... I don't know how many other fans of Days there are. But I needed something to blog about so hear goes, Days is sort of a tradition in my family lots of us have watched it since I can remember, it grew on me from a young age. And now I have to watch it, I must admit I take monthly breaks where I don't. But the good thing about soaps between the flashbacks and slow pace you don't miss much.
Ok currently my biggest likes about Days are Phillip and Chloe, usually they make them do something bad or wrong. It seems for once they are doing the right thing. I actually hope they get together. I am also glad that Melanie grew a back bone, seems after all the junk going on she finally grew up. I now like her on the show.
Ok and now onto my dislikes, I hate Ej and Taylor situation there is no reason for it. Ej married Nicole because he is an idiot (well not really) he married her for his kids (yeah right) Really Ej never has a set reason for anything he does. In the end everything he does is because deep down he really still is in love with Sami.
And ugh I love Sami on the show now, but I hate this Rafe storyline (typical soap to make a clone of someone) The old Sami would have kicked his a*% and would be done with him. Now she has a heart??? I am hoping they switch the old Rafe back with the Fake one, if Stefano thinks he erased his memory I can see this happening. And then he will get hit in the head or something traumatic and BAM he will be back to normal and we will see Stefano and Ej in the shadows with those dirty scowls on their faces, because their plan did not work. lol
I miss Shawn D and Belle, I miss the good old days of Days. But it will always be a guilty pleasure for sure!

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