Friday, March 18, 2011

What sparks my creativity?

I have been writing since the age of eleven, I remember sitting at my Mother's kitchen table with a big stack of fresh notebook paper. We didn't have a computer back then lol (I don't think they were even cool yet.) Back then I wrote about girls who had crazy lives, but it was all so innocent. As I got older(Nkotb wasn't cool anymore by the way, but to me and my dear friend they still were in our hearts haha) I was so into NKOTB they seemed to represent my male characters in anything I wrote. Its funny now to sit back and think about my writing and what inspired it. Nowadays, I have seen a lot. I have met a lot of people, friends, family etc. I think what sparks my creativity when I write my books now is remembering the moments that sparked my own emotions, when I can honestly say 'I had goosebumps". When I watch a movie and there is a powerful dialouge I am blown away, and my brain starts going off! My most memorable movie that I watched where I wanted to express that emotion the same way through my writing was Good Will Hunting the scene where she tries to get through to him and they scream and cry, that emotion all in a measly four minutes its thrilling. My creativity comes from human emotions, the raw and real emotions that we all have, some are to afraid to let them out. But the best way to show what real emotion is, is through my writing. Reading a good book , feeling like a fly on the wall as real emotion is slung all over the place like trash in a tornado its pure beauty!

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