Thursday, March 31, 2011

Timeless Beauty

As I enjoyed the Today Show this morning, they were showing a segment on Elizabeth Taylor. And I must say she was a beautiful woman in her life, her pictures from back when she was young were stunning. And that lead me to a question, What happened to genuinely beautiful people, ones that weren't caked with makeup to look that way. Natural beauty seems to have run out. Nowadays all these girls and women want to portray a look that really isn't them. The real them is nothing like the made up one. I think there are a few naturally beautiful actresses out there in the world. Anne Hathaway is stunning, as well as Natalie Portman. Then on the other hand you have Cristina Aguilera (sp?) who to me is bordering on drag queen. And she is a pretty girl without all that junk on her face. There is nothing wrong with wearing makeup, but it should never be noticed. And what is up with these fake eyelashes? Are we this insecure in life that even are own eyelashes are not good enough? Its time for the world to not be so shallow, its got so bad that major companies are padding bathing suits that are made for girls as young as 7!! I have a 7 yr old and I will never let that be ok, and if there are parents out there who think it is, they should be ashamed of themselves. I feel bad for the kids growing up nowadays, I grew up in the 90's where kids were still treated as such. We didn't have Miley Cyrus to watch dancing on stripper poles as our role models. We had good cartoons, its sad. (*Kids role models should be their parent's first*) Back when I was young, music was just that music, and people had talent. Now anyone who wakes up and says "Hey I want to make an album." can , screw you auto tune. Music is not a marketing tactic, although that is what everyone wants it to be. Music should be a passion thrust upon the world. Music should be out there because the artist loves what they do...want some examples of that? Rob Thomas, John Mayer, the name a few. I appreciate music I can connect to, not music that is a trend. I guess the best way to judge my music is if it has a cool dance that goes with it, that is not for me lol To end this I just want to say, the world to me feels like that kid in highschool that struggles to be accepted by everyone. And they portray and outward sense of confidence, while inside and alone they are horribly troubled with to many issues to count. The world needs to realize being in and cool is never going to make you just that.

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