Friday, April 1, 2011


Sometimes I really believe I could not survive without music. I use music in everything I do, it calms me. It destresses me, it motivates me to clean. Its relaxing even, I love music with great lyrics, and I love music that is accompanied by a great singer. I am listening to Closer by kings of Leon and this is a perfect example. This man's voice is so unique and he really can sings his ass off. The song is haunting in a really great way. I am truly truly obsessed with project playlist, I have found all my must have songs on there, and I listen to my play list all day long pretty much. With the invention of Dvr, my television watching has went down to barely anything. I record my shows and watch them when I feel like it. I could live without tv. But not music, I would rather watch great movies, days, reality tv and the Today show. I can not live without Matt Lauer in the mornings lol But as for channel surfing I know not of what that is anymore lol I am a die hard Grey's anatomy fans, and I admit that I am pulled into anything that makes me bawl like a baby. I love anything that is gripping and causes me to cry or gives me goosebumps. Dancing with the stars is another guilty pleasure for me, Maks is amazing! And the whole show is just so interesting to me. I wish I was capable of dancing like that. And when I need a good laugh I watch two and a half men, or Fantasy Factory. If I am in the mood for something thrilling I just watch Ufc, now there is something I am dying to do. I heart UFC. And lastly writing is another thing that I can not live without. My writing is who I am, my book series are a connection to my soul. The characters are everything I think,feel and see in life. They are my means of expression, my secret key to sanity. lol

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