Thursday, April 21, 2011

Patience is not my virtue...

I sit anxiously waiting for my book to be finished. My dear friend is editing, and has been working her ass off I might add. I have been hearing nothing but amazing things from her. So I am soooooo ready to see the final product. It is an exciting moment, and there is no better person for the job then her. She knows my brain, and she is so good with this stuff.

Well I guess while I wait for confirmation I will share my thoughts. Sometimes this is just so hard to do on here. I feel like a young teen again in my bedroom writing feverishly about my existence. Does anyone even care?

Easter in a few days, the greatest holiday in the world for many reasons.

I've gained a new addiction...well two actually. The secret life of an American teenager and Zune. The first is super cheesy and it shocks me that I would even watch it. But for some reason I really like it. Weird I know... And then you have Zune, its even better then project playlist. And for me to say that well that is big. Only perk of Project over Zune is cost.. one is free the other not so much.But my one issue was being able to play any music I wanted on my sound bar. Because I love to clean and jam. So using Zune on the 360 I am able to do that.
The one thing that I have found when it comes to things like Zune and Netflix, when you have the world at your fingertips, or music and movies rather. It makes it severly difficult to decide on what you want to watch or listen to.....go figure!!

I wonder what other bloggers blog about in bloggerland...........

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