Friday, April 15, 2011

What drives you?

It's been a minute since my last blog... Spring is finally here and I am thrilled. My mood is so much better just based on that. Whenever its dreary and gray I feel the same way myself.
On the writing front, I wrote another chapter in book six last night. And although I had to force myself to sit down and get to it, I loved how it turned out. And I was happy to be back to what I love.
I have been doing a lot of promoting for my ebooks. And its paying off, which is good because sometimes I get a headache trying to smooth it out. I have been looking for a game plan on marketing for weeks. (simple task to do everyday to promote.) And now I think I have those, and they are simple. At first I thought I would never find something that would work for me. But I think I have now.
So as of now my tactics are Twitter, Fb, Kindle Forum, and book bloggers. And interviews wherever I find them available. And this is easy enough for me. I say for me because I tend to have a short attention span, I get easily sidetracked(joy of motherhood)
I have become such a great multitasker that I go overboard. My brain is in 5949 directions all day, so organization is must for me.
Blogger helps me purge my mental I can do whatever I want. Its kind of cool.
Well back to book six, the story is a lot different then the first five. In a good way, I love where it went and I will say I am looking for this next chapter it is going to be AMAZING!
I will end with, I really don't understand the whole blogging thing. I blog because I want to write out my feelings, but I don't understand how anyone obtains followers. And seeing it seems impossible to find many blogs to me its rather tricky. Nonetheless I will return as much as I can, and maybe look up some info on a succesful blog. lol Good day!

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