Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I am addicted to the Zac Brown band's song "Colder weather" Thanks to one of my friends mentioning it to me. I am not one for a lot of country music but this one is amazing.

Today feels like a long day, I say feels because its not over yet.

Today at the dentist I mapped out the rest of book six. This is not something I do ever, but it all came to me. Actually yesterday the majority of it came to me on the drive to Mom jr's. We went there yesterday to congratulate James on his graduation from the police academy. It was a fun time, we ate cake and pizza. The kids played and got to chat with the ladies. lol Something I don't do that often anymore.

James had the kids play musical chairs, something so simple turned into a laugh fest. The kids were hardcore players. Of course out of the seven kids there were a few who were sore losers. (One of mine) Even a few adults got in on the fun, I was hoping for a wrestling match between the married couple for the lil tykes chair but they disapointed me. Which for this group is shocking because they are a wacky bunch. We all concluded that musical chairs may be a fun drinking game for the adults, and I told Rob on the way home I wasn't sure if anyone would want to play with me....I would throw some elbows and probably fight someone over a chair. lmao

Probably the funniest part of the trip to Anne's (mom Jr) was the fact James had no idea we were even coming to celebrate his graduating. He didn't know until she was hanging the banners up ...on second thought maybe they should rethink him as a cop haha just kidding.

We got all the easter stuff for the kids baskets today..since we have made so many trips to the dentist, I opted out of candy. We instead got them all some of their favorite things... Zaynah got Tangled, bubbles,makeup etc... Zoey got her last Diary of a wimpy kid she needed, notebooks, pens, pencils (I got a future writer on my hands) and Rlee his favorite game Lego Star Wars 2, he is a huge fan of the Lego games, and is thrilled they are coming out with a Pirates one. Just have to throw in some more of his Wrestling Rumblers and he will be all set.

We are having a big easter egg hunt here with the family, and a nice dinner on saturday and Sunday. I can not wait because Easter is my favorite holiday!

Book sales are doing great, I have gained a lot of readers and I am beyong thrilled about that. I also have figured out a lot on promotion of my series. I have my best friend Brandi editing for me, and as she put it my book looks so good she could lick it lmao So I take it its pretty good.

Now off to the kid's school for some school activities. One more day and they are off for a three day weekend!!!

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