Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I have never been so happy and excited about life. But I really truly am, I have the perfect family, they make me happy. The best life, amazing kids and a loving, supportive, amazing husband. A best friend that makes me happy each time I talk to her, and I am able to do what I love, and that is write books. I am an author, and I am making a name for myself, on my own. I always liked the goal of becoming one, and I sat around waiting for some big wig to tell me that I was accepted. But now I don't care, after finding out about indie authors, and hearing all the great success stories, there is nothing I would rather do. Being indie is my way of life, its what I was meant to do. I have always wanted to be my own person, dance to the beat of my drum (probably the robot, or running man). And to me if I can do what I love, there is nothing better.
And maybe one day there will be a publishing house out there that wants to work with me, that would just be another goal to cross off my check list. Doing what you love means the world, so to me everyone should have a chance, no matter how to do that.
I was told today by a fan of my book series.. that I just "get it". ANd I must say that truly was an honor to hear. Because I write feelings, I pour my heart into what I write, I look for way to provoke emotions in others. And to hear someone cried about my writing, and that the books are still in their head. That is amazing, and I don't think it will ever really sink in. Each time I hear about my books, its brand new to me. I love it! I write these stories, and sometimes feel like I am really running these characters lives, they grow to be a part of me. And when other people say things like "I felt like I was in the book" or they were so connected, I feel like I've done my job.
I am super tired, yet I still am sitting her thinking about writing. Thinking about the storyline, couting the hours until I can get up and get another chance at some more chapters.
My best friend and I agree that book six is the best one yet, book six is great on so many levels. And I believe the readers will be blown away, I still don't know how I will end this one. Or who Eve will choose to be with, its become very hard for her to do so. I feel sorry for her, but I know there will be a great story to take us all on the ride for the answer, and that answer I think is, Will she ever find peace and just be happy!?
Another good friend of mine is reading Gypsies, she is in love with one of the character's Mason. (I don't blame her at all haha) She told me she liked this one even more then Wingless. And hopes I find a way to write the second book, which I really trying hard to figure out. I want to badly, but yet again I am at a crossroads with this.
I find myself wanting to venture into new ideas and stories, especially my circus one, I also have a unique story about a guy who travels through time, the interesting part is he gets there by tapping into other's daydreaming, or thoughts. Thats all I have so far, but I would love to venture into it. I also have to finish my third person story, Road to ruins. This murder mystery has me on my toes, and is actually quite fun. I am not a third person gal, but it really worked.
And finally I want to review others books, which I have started already. I love giving back to authors, and supporting them as well. We indies can use all the support we can get. Well I think I will go watch the real world, and then head to bed.
By the way, did anyone watch the new show The Voice? It is amazing, I loved it!!

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