Monday, April 4, 2011

Winning...I think not?

I have a great blog for today, CHARLIE SHEEN. I would like to first point out that I DID have a lot of respect for the man. I valued him as a great entertainer, I was a huge fan of his show. Needless to say now he has went and made a fool of himself. And although I think he is a talented person, the only thing I believe he is winning is being an ignorant jackass and a drug addict. If he was striving to win at sucking at life he did... This is one of those things about people that bother me. Its has nothing to do with your fame, its has to do with people letting drugs take control over their lives. Addiction is real for sure, but when the world makes drugs seem cool or funny that really pisses me off. What is cool about watching someone emotionally crumble? What is cruel about a family being destroyed? Kids losing their parents? What is cruel about the damage someone is causing their body? Or when that person that everbody thinks is so cool ends up partying a little to much and smashes into innocent victims on the streets? Is it cool then when someone who had nothing to do with their addiction loses their lives? What would be cooler would be supporting this person in getting sober, getting help and making a good example of themselves. Or maybe everyone is fine with remembering Sheen when he is buried in the ground..... How cool will it be then? People's destruction is not entertainment...stop sitting around with your bowls of popcorn as if your at the circus. life is short, don't waste it living one that you regret!

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