Saturday, April 2, 2011

The moment

The moment I knew I wanted to be an author was when I was eleven. I was always the kid who used their imagination more then any physcial objects. I remember running through my back yard making up stories (ok more like musicals) and not a single toy in hand. Just my imagination creating this whole world that only i could see, and it was fun. And then I tried writing plays because I wanted to just do dialouge of characters nothing more, but I felt like that wasn't enough. So I started cutting out magazine clippings of people that resembled my characters, I needed to see more of what these ideas looked like. Sometimes the only outlet I had for expression was my writing as a kid, I won't deny I had a lot of issues going on in my mind. And writing let out my feelings of anger, sadness etc. It really made me feel so much better. And as I got older I continued to write out my feelings, I grew up and sailed away from writing for awhile. But something simple brought me back, and now writing to me is fun,poetic, expressive and awesome (lol). When you are a part of this crazy world you find it so easy to write, when you really feel strongly about a passion you will do anything to make it happen. Writing to me is what I was meant to do, and I will continue to bust my a%* to keep doing what I love. Everyone should do what they love...what do you love?

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