Friday, March 25, 2011

My brain is on overload

Sitting on my Fb talking with my fellow writers, I must say the best ideas seem to flow during conversations with my good friends. We all are really into writing, its exciting to have two close friends that love writing as much as I do. And they both are really talented. I finally convinced them to pursue the Kindle publishing. And the first one (Brandi Salazar) has finally went ahead and took the leap. I think the most important part of writing is support, you need people as twisted and imaginative as yourself to keep you going. Some people just don't understand the way a writer's mind works. Hell sometimes I don't understand my mind, I sometimes read my writing and wonder how the heck I even came up with the stuff I wrote, its almost like I had an out of body moment (lol).
I haven't done much writing lately and its weird, I was writing everyday obsessively. I couldn't go a day without writing at least a chapter. Maybe that's why I have wrote nearly seven books since the end of 2009. And I have more ideas, and another book series I am working on.
Pretty soon I hope to hear everyone around the world asking "Who's your Greaper?" haha that would be great. I myself prefer Kenny as my choice of Greaper.
Heart of Gypsies was such a hard book to end (so many tears). I literally balled reading the ending. But it for sure is the most near and dear to my heart. The idea one that just came to me out of the blue one day, its one of those books I feel like I see,hear,smell and feel it all.
Well off to do a bit more editing, and maybe some promotion. Good day!

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  1. Yes, nothing is better than brainstorming with a group of minds so twisted they make you feel right at home lol.

    I think, sometimes,the creative juices just don't flow as easily as others because you have been on such a role, plowing out the chapters at top speed, that you just need a break. Happens to me all the time. But like a small child, you feel guilt for not taking it out to play with it and spend the kind of time tending to it like you used to, so the guilt sets in. At least that's hot it is for me. It's those times that being me back to writing and once I get started, it was like I never stopped.

    I hope you get back to writing again soon, I need to know what happens to Eve and Evan and Kenny!!!