Thursday, March 17, 2011

My favorite song right now...

My favorite song right now would be "The way" by Fastball. There is just something about that song that I just love. Its a feelgood for sure, the best part about it is the reason it was wrote.
I read somewhere that they wrote this song because an elderly couple went missing and nobody knew where they were, and one of the guys sat and pondered why two people would just take off and never return again, so now when you listen to the lyrics it really makes a difference. Where were they goign without ever knowing the way? lol Sadly the people fell off a cliff and that was why they were never found. But this is why I love music as much as writing, its a freedom of expression, a way to go places and say things you normally wouldnt say. There is nothing better. And with that I bid the world a goodnight, I am off to sleep if my brain will shut off, hoping for many good things to come for my books, and the new day ahead! Peace.

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