Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Defining me

Ok so maybe its about time to explain my writing style, what is inside my mind, and why I write the way that I do, or simply how I write. This is my blog, the perfect place to really shed light on what makes me tick as an author. And if your a reader and curious about me as an author then you came to the right place. I myself think it would be a great thing if every author shared their inner workings with the reader.

*stands up* I am Holly and I am a writer, I have a twisted imagination, and I do not write fairy tales. There probably will never be a knight and shining armor moment, you probably will never close my book or your ereader and say.." Wow, they lived happily ever after."

I speak the truth in my writing, not what someone wants to hear, I make my characters real, stubborn, mean, hurtful, depressing,moody. Because that is life, no one falls for the hot guy in school and lives happily ever after. If you want that then my books are probably not for you.
And you might be thinking what fun is a book without happy some point in it, well your right, my books are a lot of things, and just because they are real and show real reactions in life doesn't mean that things can not turn out well.

I guess what I am saying is my writing is a slap in the face most days, I am the kind of writer that is moved by feeling, real life, and my own emotions, mixing your emotion and opinions with any subject matter is going to turn into a monster of a story. I come up with ideas all the time, I take what I know, what I learn, what I seen or whatever and I scrambled it all into one giant ball of a situation, sometimes I have an angle, sometimes its for fun.

I guess the point that I am trying to make is I am not out there researching what is going to sell, I am writng from my heart, and if someone can't handle reality and raw story telling, if they can't read a book that could turn out sad, or make them angry then maybe they shouldn't be reading my work.
If you enjoy reading a real book, that is fresh and from maybe a different perspective on love, life, death etc then I believe I got something for you. I do not want to be like everyone else, I am not trying to be anything but myself, I have always enjoyed writing and I will always enjoy it because I will never conform to someone else's idea of right. Creative expression is the best thing in the world. I respect every author out there that is doing that, I am a reader myself and I enjoy a variety of books.

Moral of the story guys is there is no prince charming in my books, prince charming probably was killed by one of my many male characters running around in my books, to be replaced with a spitting, swearing, drinking, tough guy that will offend you with his honesty while sweeping you off your feet!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Giveaway

It's memorial, and it means a lot to me. I used to be a military wife, so I can relate to all of the current ones. I respect and am truly honored by all the military, they sacrifice so much.

Today I am giving away copies of Wingless, my paranormal romance. I thank all the soliders!!

Everyone enjoy your memorial day!

If your interested in the book use the code NM24B on Smashword for you copy, and be sure to let all your book worm friends know as well, share the code on such a great day!!!

Now I am off to swim and cook out!!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Blog Tour De Troops

Since I am partnering with indie author Lili Tufel, I am pleased to share the review of such a wonderful book by a talented author! Support the troops!!

Review for Sand by Lili tufel
By Holly Hood

I had the pleasure of reading this book, and I enjoyed it. At first I worried that all the military wording was going to confuse me, but it was worded quite nicely. And nothing about it was confusing, the story definitely took me along for the ride, and I was completely engrossed by the relationships going on, each character had a special quality that made the story that more captivating. I think the author did a great job at conveying a sense of military pride as well as really putting you into the shoes of the characters, Without giving much away, I will say this story had a lot of action, great humor and was well written. If I would have had more time, I am quite confident that this would have been read in one day, it was a great read, and I give the author credit for her smooth transition from one situation to the other, at no time was I lost or confused on what was happening. And being a military wife at one time, I think she did a great job with the story!
I think my favorite part of the story was the moment when you can see the relationships building between Javi and Jasmine and Dallas and Abby, Jasmine is such a sweet woman, who is dealing with her own loss, raising a child and helping out the wounded soldiers. The part where Javi gives her the flowers made me smile, it was cute and I liked how he wasn’t afraid to go after her. This book really had a way to make you feel the romance between the characters, the men had feelings and really cared for the women, it was sweet. And Abby is a daughter missing her father, and there is something so sweet and perfect about her, you totally understand why any man would fall head over heels for her.
Another great thing about this book is the plot, it really takes you on a wild ride, and has so many touching moments that you can only finish this book feeling quite pleased. What a great story from a great author, I am a fan!

Friday, May 27, 2011

My favorite songs right now.

Seeing music plays a huge part in my day to day life, some days I can not function without it. I thought I would list my favorites right now. And I want to mention that project playlist is probably the best thing ever. So here goes....

1. Evermore- This unavoidable thing between us.

2. The Flys- Got you where I want you.

3.Pearl Jam- Just breathe

4. Snow Patrol- Chasing Cars

5. Third eye blind- Narcolepsy

6. Buckcherry- The movies

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dear diary

Good morning!

We battled storms all day yesterday here in Ohio, rain and more rain. Even some tornado weather. Nothing like the people in Joplin or anywhere else, my prayers are with them for sure, I couldnt beging to imagine. Living where I have my whole life we have never had a tornado anywhere close, but a couple years ago that actually did happen not to far away from here, it wiped out the whole highschool, scary stuff.

Its the end to a school year almost, and I must say I am pretty thrilled about that in some ways. I plan to make the most of the summer for the kids, let them have a blast before they start back again. Lots of swimming.

We celebrate two birthdays in June in our family, my son's and mine. He is having a Wwe birthday this year, since he is so into wrestling. And I really can't wait for it, going to be great. As for myself, I have never been a fan of birthdays, all I ask is for a gift, and this year I am at a crossroads on what to get. I had an android tablet which had kindle on it, eventually I really didn't like the android tablet so I stopped using it all together, and then we ended up giving it to a family member. But now that I am getting really into reading I'm not sure what to do, I am stuck on Nook Color or an Ipod Touch, my dilemma is this: I used to have an ipod touch and I loved it, this was before they put the cameras and all that on them. I even read books on my ipod, I really loveeeeeeeeee music so some parts of me say get the touch you will have all of that right in one device, then the other part says get the Nook because its bigger, you can play music etc, the only difference is the Nook doesn't have a camera, but I have plenty of cameras so its not really an issue. I even thought about an Ipad 2, but with all the writing I do, I don't think I would really appreciate it,what to do hmmm....

*Wingless Update*
I wrote three chapters in three days, its getting so easy to just crank them out now. I am really happy with the outcomes so far in the story, and I think I finally have figured out the ending for this book!! Everyone always ask is this the last one, and I always say the same thing... "I don't know until the end."

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Top 8 scenes that really moved me....

Good Will Hunting- so powerful, I cry everytime!

The Notebook- I love this scene!

Basketball Diaries- You feel his pain...

My girl- my favorite movie ever, I still cry everytime.

Grey's anatomy- such great acting, such great passion!

Grey's anatomy- brilliant!

Grey's anatomy- I love Meredith!

Grey's anatomy- great words with a powerful scene.


Last night I had this really odd dream, I was training as a diver, plummeting into dark water, and it only counted when i plunged as far down as I could possibly go. The only problem was it was a brick enclosure, and I was afraid I would hit my face if I fell to far, just a really strange dream.

So on to another topic, I thought inspiration would be a good one to discuss today. What inspires you?
I know what inspires me in my writing, and in life. Its moments, the other night the husband and I were watching movie trailers, something we do a lot. Well he never wanted to watch The fighter, Im not sure why, maybe Mark Wahlberg spoiled a few to many movies for him. (The other guys, the happening), don't get me wrong I love Mark Wahlberg, as a kid I had a massive crush on him. (Fear, Basketball Diaries, The big hit, Marky Mark and the Funky bunch etc...) so anyways we watch the trailer and there is this one scene that is still stuck in my mind, and with the help of links I hope to be able to just share it with everyone this scene when he tells his brother "You ain't me....." it was powerful, something that instantly made me want to see the movie, words are magic to my ears, they really can paint any kind of picture they want to. When I watch tv, or a movie and the actor is delivering an emotionally charged line, one that puts me on edge, makes me cry, its brillant. I love feeling someone else's emotions, its an andrenaline rush, great movies, book and music can do that. If I was able to sit here all day I could come up with all my favorites, so I think I will make a seperate blog and do just that.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Into the groove

Well its sunday and usually I am super busy with preparing for Monday. Well actually I still am, Sunday consist of laundry, cleaning and trying to squeeze in some kind of relaxation..oh and the grocery store.

Well I gladly can report that I am back into the groove of writing, I sat down yesterday and wrote a chapter for Back to life (book 6) and it felt good, my mind was quite mush when I read it back, so I have to reread it again today, I think I was tired so my brain said no I'm not listening. And I hope to pump out a couple more chapters today, and I would like to thank Evermore for providing my background music as I feverishly wrote last night!!

A little trick i use to feel the current situation in my writing is by listening to a fitting song, usually over and over, and it really helps. Some says listening to music is distracting, well its not for me. I can not think when I hear anything going on around me, music seems to block the noise and take me deep into the story.

And currently in this story I am at a big crossraods on what to do, and I have yet to figure out what is right............in due time.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Matchbox Twenty - Rest Stop

Speaking of story tellers, Rob THomas is a great one.

The weekend, although it was great it went to fast!! Oh how I miss the days of having nothing to do, I used to be bored, not anymore I tell ya! But I wouldn't have it any other way.

Book sales are awesome, I am so grateful for that. Its an amazing feeling for sure.
I have been busy editing, reading and more editing, I had a couple chances to read a bit, which I am going to try to finish up this week, so I can post reviews on these books.
I really can't wait to start some new stories, the hubby and I were rolling around ideas yesterday, I have probably 4 great book ideas.
I also read about 20 pages of a story my best friend started, and its so good. I can't wait until she throws all her stories on Amazon Kindle, she is going to do so great.

I really want to get back into book 6, I am at a point in the story where there is going to be so many emotional rollercoasters, and that is my favorite kind to write. But I will wait, because I really want to finish editing these, I feel once they are gone over and polished it will be one less thing on my mind. And then I can focus on writing.

As for life, its still amazing and I am inspired more and more everyday to just be the best I can be. It sounds cheesy, but I want to do nothing but appreciate all the great, and forget about the negative. And of course any life has negative. I was watching Oprah the other day, and I heard something said by Maya ANgelou, she said "If you know better you do better." and its true, and a wise thing to escape someone's lips. People leaves such lasting impacts on my mind, with nothing more then words.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Maroon 5 - Give A Little More

I think I have a crush on Maroon 5 now that I watch The voice, I always was a fan, but Adam really cracks me up. He was the one judge that really didn't waste his time, he knew what he wanted, and he was so cocky.The show is great, so much better then American Idol.

I said I would return with some more of my indie author journey...

The biggest thing I worked on starting out was finding my way promotion wise, I did not want to be that annoying promoter of my work. I wanted to know the people as well as tell them about my work, if someone wants to read my books fine, if not I am not going to cry over it, or be super aggresive.I myself don't read something unless it spikes my interest, I am not a big reader, I have always enjoyed reading, but ever since I can remember I have been so into creating my own writing I haven't done much reading. But when I do, I like a good story, a writer that has humor, who can really paint the picture visually in my mind, where I don't feel like I am reading anymore, but more living in their world.

The best advice I could give,its only been a few months for me. Interact with readers and writers, there is no better way. Socializing and showing that you are a person, it really works wonders. I tried all the promoting avenues, I went into forums, I made the website, blah blah blah. But now I am down to only a few things, and they all consist of being me. When I wake up in the morning, I go to Facebook, I interact with my writing and reading groups, I really care what is going on with these people. And they have a lot of good advice, as well as they are interesting characters, my reading list is full of their books, these are the ones I am reading because they caught my eye, and I have grown to enjoy the person behind the books so much, I want to know what kind of writer they are. I also am a member of Goodreads, though this is taking some time to get into, I do giveaways on my books, because I want to give someone the chance if they want it to read my book without the pressure to buy. Giveaways are great, its like the samples at the grocery store, taste the product before you spend your money on it. And then there are book bloggers, I submitted my books to a bunch, and this also has generated sales for me. Word of mouth is an amazing thing. You have to put yourself out there, again show that your a real person, care about the readers, and be you. Not to mention getting with the bloggers for author interviews, its fun, and its a way to show your face.

To end this I really don't think there is a set way to be good at doing the author thing, you have to make it right for you, not everyone does it the same, and I find something new out everyday. But in the end it all falls back onto the book, you can make something sound amazing, promote it until your blue in the face, but if no one likes it and wants to read it, then it is all for nothing. And don't forget to write!! You can lose track of that quickly, and thats the most important, readers are about the books, the more you have the better. And support your fellow authors, we all are striving for the same things, and there is room for all of us!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


So, I really don't have the drive to do anything that I need to get done. I had a busy day, hardly have much time anymore to wrap my brain around everything. I watch a baby 4 times a week, and I have kids of my own, plus I have been editing all my books, besides the third. I am actually working on the second as we speak. I really am dead set on getting this done, so far with the help of my best friend Brandi, we managed to polish Wingless amazingly (in my opinion) but I learn something new everyday, that is what I enjoy about being an indie, I like learning all of this stuff. So right now books 1 and 4 have been gone over nicely. Book 3 is being worked on by Brandi, and I am on page 60 of the edit of book 2. All that will be left is book 5, and I am actually very excited about this. I want to read this one again, sometimes I forget every detail. Once all the editing is finished I will start back with writing book 6, that one could be finished in weeks if I really buckled down, I am probably 200 pages in it already. So many goals, so little time.
On to another cool part of being an Indie Author, I have really been doing well with sales. I have my books on Kindle, Smashwords and Nook. I also have actual book form on Lulu. But my main focus is ebooks now, I really enjoy this way better.
I was reading a lot of blogs today about other indie authors and their stories of publishng, so I figure I would share mine with whoever wants to read...
I had added my book Wingless on Amazon Kdp back in January I believe. I don't even remember why I did, I really didn't even know what the heck it was even. I never looked at it again, it wasn't until March when I received and email from a girl, that I was intrigued. She asked me if I had my books available through Kindle. And so I emailed back and told her that I would put them on there. So this is when it started, I did so much googling of how to go about this, what to do, not to do, etc. I wanted to know the best approach to getting word out about my books. I found groups on fb, groups all over the place, I read the stories and blogs about other authors and their success at publishing books this way, and I was totally excited. I think I will make a seperate blog of all that I have learned so far, on what worked for me. I say March was my starting month for selling on kindle and Nook. March I sold around 24 books, and this was exciting to me. April I went from 24 to 186, and this month of May I am currently at 117 and its only the 11th of the month. So I can say I feel my hard work has paid off. I fell in love with the Book Junkies group on Fb they have been a godsend, its so nice to have other authors and readers to relate to, that aren't rude. I love it. I love hearing from the readers, its the most exciting part of writing to me, and I am starting to hear more and more. I wish I could sit and write everything I have in my mind down, but I fear this is already chaotic. So I will end this. Any Indie authors feel free to share your stories!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's day giveaway

Hey all, its been a long saturday, that's for sure. And since tomorrow is Mother's day, I am giving all the Mother's out there a free copy of Wingless via Smashwords, so if your a Mother who would enjoy a good read, give my book series a try. Its a paranormal romance, that has a little something for everybody in it. And feel free to post a review on Amazon or Smashwords, I am also on Goodreads. Enjoy your Mother's day everybody, Mothers are an important part of life, and we all work hard! The coupon code for Wingless by Holly Hood is TB92X, and it expires on May 9th. Thanks for the support and I hope you all enjoy Wingless!!

Monday, May 2, 2011


I don't think there is a person in the world who hasn't heard about Bin Laden. I have mixed feelings on this, I understand what America is feeling for sure, but its a bittersweet situation to me. I can't sit and cheer, when my mind keeps thinking, 'What is going to happen now?' He wasn't the one in those airplanes, he was the mastermind behind it, a person able to provoke such outrage, that such destruction and death followed.
Watching the news this morning made me cry, a family recounted the story of losing their daughter. I think it brings up a lot of the past for everyone involved, and as the lady said, she was glad that they found him, because she never thought they would.
Its surreal to think it has been 10 years, 10 years since this man eluded everyone trying to catch him. It is finally over, and if anything, now he has to answer for what he has done to so many.