Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Review of Fifty shades of Grey

Fifty shades of Grey by El James

Review by Holly Hood

Rated: 4 out of 5 stars

I finished the book.

I know I would have finished a lot sooner if I had the time. The book for me was really good. I won’t say great because I had some minor issues. But I couldn’t give it less than four stars because the overall story was a great one. I love dysfunction in books. And this story had that for sure!

Fifty shades of Grey is not a book that I would have ever thought of reading. I have seen the cover everywhere. It’s not even the content that scared me away. I just never was attracted to the cover or had it jump out at me. The reason I finally said what the heck, was by accident when a woman on Goodreads said she was reading it and how much she loved it. This made me look closer, and seeing all the listopia votes about Christian Grey, I had to take a chance. I like great characters.

The story was very raw. So much so you felt like a perverted fly on the walk taking in things you really shouldn’t. Sometimes I was shaking my head and confused why I was into this book. A lot like Anastasia I suppose.

The one thing this book does is create a character that you can’t help but love. Everything about Christian tells you to run away. You couldn’t fall for a person like this, but it’s his soft side that is buried deep that slowly comes to the surface as Ana and him get to know each other. I was dying to know why he was the way he was and what she could do to fix it. By the end of the read I wanted to hug him and make things okay, which he would hate.

The story was great, I loved every chapter. I think the pace was killer. Everything unfolded just the way I wanted it to. The one thing I was wishing for seemed to evolve as the story went along. And this kept me happy.

As for any complaints, my only ones was the sometimes cheesy wording when it came to the sexual acts. Maybe it’s just me, but normal people don’t talk in that way. I like the wording to be believable and there were time I didn’t feel what she said to him or vice versa.

I also think I could have done without a lot of Anastasia phrasings. They seemed to occur time and time again. I think those could have been switched up a little.

I thought the inner goddess was funny for the first fifty percent of the book. But after awhile she just got old. Soon I found myself wishing Ana would borrow some of Christian’s rope to bound and gag her so she would shut up. I get it was probably the authors way of letting us see inside the mind of Ana and her thoughts on this strange lifestyle she was partaking in, but it got old.

The ending was a punch in the face. It shattered my heart. It was so real and emotional, I loved it! Now I am dying to start the next.

The author has really created a story that is more than just sex. Some might be shocked, but if you really read this book you will see it’s more than that. This book has so much going for it. You won’t be disappointed. If you are looking for a character that you love to hate, I would say give this book a shot. Although I didn’t ever hate Christian I felt for him. But he did have a very very dark side.

Anyone sensitive to sex in books steer clear, because this more than just average sex. This is way beyond. But if you want a story that keeps you reading and sweeps you off your feet in a really bad way, then this is the book for you!

Great job!!

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