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Flat out love Review: Incredible Story!!

Flat out love by Jessica Park

I finished Flat out love in two sittings. And that means it was incredible. I never do that unless a book is so good I can’t put it down.
So much to say about this book…

This is a story with so many sides, so many feelings and emotions. It seriously took my breath away around 82% into the story. I am not going to go into detail because this book deserves to be read without any spoilers.

Flat out love is the story about Julie a girl just starting out in life. She has come from Ohio to Boston to begin college. She’s excited and ready for the new adventures in her life. But as soon as she arrives bad news abounds. The apartment her mother got her is bogus and she has nowhere to go. Thankfully her mother has an old college friend she can call. And Erin (the college friend) welcomes Julie into her home with open arms. It was really nice to see she wasn’t going to remain miserable so soon in the story.

Right away the characters sucked me right in. Matt picks Julie up and brings her to their house. Julie meets the odd Watkins family, but she isn’t the kind of person who judges people right off the bat so she gives them a chance.
The family alone made this story so enthralling. You have Matt, the nerdy college boy who sits on his computer nearly all day. His sense of humor for me was so funny. But he had a very serious side about him. He and Julie’s back and forth was great. Poor Matt had so much on his plate I think it took a toll on his social life and skills, but I still very much liked his role in the story.

Then you have Celeste. The way she was described made me envision this cherubesque girl frolicking around the home talking all proper and not acting like a normal teenager. Celeste really glued the story together. She had many quirks—including carrying a cardboard cutout of her brother Finn around. It was weird at first, but Flatt Finn soon becomes just as big a part of the story as it progressed. But that wasn’t all, Celeste has a lot of other issues that clearly tells you there is something wrong, you just don’t know what. Julie tries to ask the family, but nobody wants to give an exact answer. This kept me guessing and guessing—and I love that about a book.
The Watkins are indeed different, but they have their reasons and when you read this story you soon find out. There is a secret amongst them, something that almost takes a back seat and doesn’t seem to matter much to the reader until it slams into your face at full force. But I will get back to that later.

Julie stays with the family for some time. She grows very fond of each of them. Celeste becomes her friend and a person she really cares about and wants to help. And I really enjoyed Julie. She was a great person with a lot of spunk. She knew what she wanted, she said how she felt and she cared about people genuinely.
While at the home there is a lot of email and facebook status updates taking place between Julie, Matt and Finn. I looked forward to them.

A really great part of the story is when Julie starts messaging the brother Finn. He is away, and she is residing in his bedroom. What develops between them really was moving. It was hard not to fall for the mysterious brother off doing incredible things in the world. I too had a crush on Finn.

This story was full of dysfunction and sweet moments. Some parts I laughed out loud, other parts I nearly cried. The story touched me for sure. And I highly recommend this book to anyone. I have no complaints about anything because it was written incredibly well. No…it was perfect. The story for me couldn’t have improved any because I was completely satisfied with it from beginning to end.
What an amazing author! I look forward to reading more.

Flat out love on Amazon.

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