Monday, September 26, 2011

Writing prompt day 1

I have decided to use my blog as a mean to excercise my brain. So here goes. Once or twice a week I will post a small topic and write about it. And who better to share it with? Today's topic is: Describe a perfect world. In a perfect world I would have no fears. In a perfect world there would be no stress about getting sick. You wouldn't have to lose loved ones. And those who were bad would be punished for their actions. In a perfect world we would do away with our f%cked up goverment and do things the right way. In a perfect world no one would know how it felt to go hungry. And people would have compassion for one another. In a perfect world it would never snow or rain, unless thats what you liked. We all could have our own season and live in it happily. In a perfect world the things that were fun wouldn't cost anything, they would be free. But sadly perfect doesn't exist and we are living in the real world.

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