Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Snippet of new book

This is the new book I am working on.. I wanted to share a part with everyone who reads my work. Enjoy. And remember sometimes my work is foul mouthed like a sailor. If you are offended easily then I suggest not reading any further. But if you have a sense of humor then enjoy! *Explicit Language* I wanted to share a little snippet of what I am currently writing. “Pop pop, there you are.” I said, delighted to see him upright and eating. He poked around at his scrambled eggs, trying to get a hold of them on his plate. “I don’t like organic eggs. They want to feed me outer space food,do I look like Neil fucking Armstrong?” He grumbled, working the fork into his mouth with such anger. I hoped he didn’t stab himself. But I kept quiet because he didn’t like being told what to do. “Organic is just healthier. It has nothing to do with outer space.” I took a seat, grabbing my sketch book from his table. Wiping off the toast crumbs, I flipped the cover and surveyed my work. It was almost finished. A portrait of Pop pop, with the normal scowl and tuft of ashen hair sticking up all over his head and some coming out of his ears. The last signs of his raven colored hair nothing but a memory, the smallest amount of gray peeked through his stark white hair. If it wasn’t for his eyebrows you would have never known he once had a head full of black hair. “If they didn’t fuck up the food, we wouldn’t have to pay extra for healthy versions of this bullshit. It’s the government’s way of sticking it to us. Food is food. They are trying to kill us.” “You’re not paying for it, Pop pop. The hospital is. So just eat it.” I started sketching out his hair, remembering to add “extra” hair like he wanted. “Fuck you and your commie bullshit,” he growled. He chucked the plate to the floor. Which sent his nurse running into the room. She was a young girl, short hair, with a quick reaction time apparently. “Eugene, are we having a grouchy moment?” she said, talking to Pop pop like he was a little kid throwing a fit over his spilled milk. She kneeled down, collecting the eggs one by one. “I’m having a ‘I’ll smack the smirk right off of your face moment, Blondie.’ Why don’t you get me some real food? Not this bullshit that you want to call eggs.” He grabbed his bed controller, plummeting himself downwards and this only upset him further because he wanted to turn the television on not lower himself into a reverse downward facing dog. “Back in my day remotes were getting your ass up and turning shit on!” I laughed at his bad mood. He meant no harm; most times he was completely unaware what he was even saying. “Back in your day Eugene there were no televisions.” The nurse said, taking the plate and its contents and heading out of the room. “Back in my day we rode dinosaurs to work. And woman knew how to shut their pie holes and make their men dinner. And they didn’t have men’s haircuts. What are you one of those carpet monsters?!” I was thankful the nurse was out of my view. I could only imagine the horrified expression she was probably wearing all thanks to Pop pop.

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