Sunday, August 16, 2009

High Hopes

So I have recently found out that there is a book called Publisher's Market and it contains addresses for publishers. I have a friend helping me get the ball rolling and she is going to get that book for me. And we are going to work together to send it to everyone.

Also today Anne told me that trying local publsihers may be a good thing, as well as the big ones and the small ones.

I have visions of this book becoming super sucessful and I think it would be very cool to work with someone who has never had a chance to get there hands on the next big thing. I know sounds very cocky but thats just the way I feel. LOL

So its a matter of getting a hold of this book, and going to work on sending the right things out there. One thing I was leary about doing was giving my book to people that I didn't trust.
So after some research I found that you send a query letter and that is a brief description of yourself and your book and also a self addressed envelope. There was a very helpful website explaning all of this.

I have an english teacher going over my book for spelling or grammar type errors. I am so amped to get this underway and let everyone read my creation!!!!

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