Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I have never been so happy and excited about life. But I really truly am, I have the perfect family, they make me happy. The best life, amazing kids and a loving, supportive, amazing husband. A best friend that makes me happy each time I talk to her, and I am able to do what I love, and that is write books. I am an author, and I am making a name for myself, on my own. I always liked the goal of becoming one, and I sat around waiting for some big wig to tell me that I was accepted. But now I don't care, after finding out about indie authors, and hearing all the great success stories, there is nothing I would rather do. Being indie is my way of life, its what I was meant to do. I have always wanted to be my own person, dance to the beat of my drum (probably the robot, or running man). And to me if I can do what I love, there is nothing better.
And maybe one day there will be a publishing house out there that wants to work with me, that would just be another goal to cross off my check list. Doing what you love means the world, so to me everyone should have a chance, no matter how to do that.
I was told today by a fan of my book series.. that I just "get it". ANd I must say that truly was an honor to hear. Because I write feelings, I pour my heart into what I write, I look for way to provoke emotions in others. And to hear someone cried about my writing, and that the books are still in their head. That is amazing, and I don't think it will ever really sink in. Each time I hear about my books, its brand new to me. I love it! I write these stories, and sometimes feel like I am really running these characters lives, they grow to be a part of me. And when other people say things like "I felt like I was in the book" or they were so connected, I feel like I've done my job.
I am super tired, yet I still am sitting her thinking about writing. Thinking about the storyline, couting the hours until I can get up and get another chance at some more chapters.
My best friend and I agree that book six is the best one yet, book six is great on so many levels. And I believe the readers will be blown away, I still don't know how I will end this one. Or who Eve will choose to be with, its become very hard for her to do so. I feel sorry for her, but I know there will be a great story to take us all on the ride for the answer, and that answer I think is, Will she ever find peace and just be happy!?
Another good friend of mine is reading Gypsies, she is in love with one of the character's Mason. (I don't blame her at all haha) She told me she liked this one even more then Wingless. And hopes I find a way to write the second book, which I really trying hard to figure out. I want to badly, but yet again I am at a crossroads with this.
I find myself wanting to venture into new ideas and stories, especially my circus one, I also have a unique story about a guy who travels through time, the interesting part is he gets there by tapping into other's daydreaming, or thoughts. Thats all I have so far, but I would love to venture into it. I also have to finish my third person story, Road to ruins. This murder mystery has me on my toes, and is actually quite fun. I am not a third person gal, but it really worked.
And finally I want to review others books, which I have started already. I love giving back to authors, and supporting them as well. We indies can use all the support we can get. Well I think I will go watch the real world, and then head to bed.
By the way, did anyone watch the new show The Voice? It is amazing, I loved it!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Book giveaway

Today I have decided to do a giveaway on my blog. I am giving away copies of Wingless for five days. Anyone interested can use the coupon code, of course you would have to have some device to download the book. (Kindle,Nook,Ipod touch, blackberry, Kobo,Computer etc.) Part of me is curious if blogging works well enough to reach readers. And the other part wants to share the series with the world lol
So if you happen to stumble across my blog and love reading, then feel free to try my book. Post a comment, let me know what you think. And always feel free to follow me. I love indie authors,I love readers. I like getting to know other people out there doing the same thing that I am doing.

The coupon code is : JB25V And here is description of my series:

Eve's life was never perfect, she knew this. If only her family realized the same thing. The loss of Marcus, her brother, The one person who made life tolerable was gone, death stole him away from her. And she was angry, sad, and emotionally beaten.
Eve's only wish now in life was for death to take a hike, but that was never going to happen. Because death found Eve to be simply perfect, everything anyone could ask for in a girl. That was Eve.

When Eve's brother Marcus dies, she knows there will never be another person that compares to him. She is sucked into a debilitating depression that she fears she will never survive. She never feels the same after his loss. And after a few years, the pain has found a way to turn into a nagging state of contemplation for her.
And when she feels she will never find a way to gain her sense of normalcy back, she meets an unusual guy who keeps her on her toes, and longing to know more. But, there is nothing normal about him and this pulls her into his world. He is the part of life Eve has been trying to get past, a part she never thought existed in real life- Death. And when death literally walks the earth, and creeps into your heart, it is very hard to see any part of life the same way again.

Wingless is a book about life through the eyes of a young girl who simply wants to live. It takes a look at life through deaths eyes. And you see the struggles for two beings to love one another when that shouldn’t be possible. Would it be possible to love someone who could hurt you as nobody else could? Would you love a person who could take everything away from you? Wingless lets you see that not everything is what it seems. And it can have you maybe for a quick moment look at things from another point of view. In all the chaos that is life, it is possible to find love amongst all the ugliness?

The Mortician's Daughter lyrics

After talking with my friends. They both have inspired me to make a soundtrack for Wingless. Seems silly, but so many songs I associate with my writing of this series. So I am going to make myself a personal soundtrack, my close friend Brandi found a song the other day, that was so perfect that it just made me think it had to be done. Its the one below....

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Patience is not my virtue...

I sit anxiously waiting for my book to be finished. My dear friend is editing, and has been working her ass off I might add. I have been hearing nothing but amazing things from her. So I am soooooo ready to see the final product. It is an exciting moment, and there is no better person for the job then her. She knows my brain, and she is so good with this stuff.

Well I guess while I wait for confirmation I will share my thoughts. Sometimes this is just so hard to do on here. I feel like a young teen again in my bedroom writing feverishly about my existence. Does anyone even care?

Easter in a few days, the greatest holiday in the world for many reasons.

I've gained a new addiction...well two actually. The secret life of an American teenager and Zune. The first is super cheesy and it shocks me that I would even watch it. But for some reason I really like it. Weird I know... And then you have Zune, its even better then project playlist. And for me to say that well that is big. Only perk of Project over Zune is cost.. one is free the other not so much.But my one issue was being able to play any music I wanted on my sound bar. Because I love to clean and jam. So using Zune on the 360 I am able to do that.
The one thing that I have found when it comes to things like Zune and Netflix, when you have the world at your fingertips, or music and movies rather. It makes it severly difficult to decide on what you want to watch or listen to.....go figure!!

I wonder what other bloggers blog about in bloggerland...........

Happy Happy

Ever have one of those days where you wake up and are just thrilled by everything!? I did today, just a lot of good stuff happening. The sky is blue for once instead of the usual depressing gray. I love spring don't get me wrong, but the beginning of it is so wet and dreary lol.
I find myself really into flowers and planting them and fruits or veggies this year. The kids planted vegetables in their little greenhouse kits and two of them are already sprouting. Now as for my gardening skills, I am not sure if I can keep vegetables thriving. But the plant in my home is just gorgeous and I call him Frank. haha Frank is a green houseplant and he is just doing so good. My mom always had these plants since I can remember, and I somehow picked up the tradition.
Book six in the series, I titled it "Back to life" is going places. I really love writing this one, so much has changed. Eve is in a good place in some ways.As a writer I tend to favor characters, but I never let that get in between what I want to happen. Its almost like real life, I try to let them do what is best for them...or what they think is best for them. I don't know if that is even possible when the characters in my books are so dysfunctional.
I can't wait to finish this one, to see what it turns into. I enjoy rereading my books when they're done. Its the one time I feel like I can really enjoy them.
Everyday I think about Heart of Gypsies, and how I want to write the next book. There is so much I want to happen. I feel robbed lol At the same time I really liked how it turned out, there is just some things that really stick with me. And some things I wish I could change not change the story, but I really feel like a second book would let me explore these options.
Sometimes I feel haunting is good, and I have always been a believer in not making everything so perfect. But for once I have to admit I smack my head at the ending sometimes. The ending was right, but it doesn't mean it didn't hurt! lol

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Semisonic - Closing Time

Well its that time...what time you ask? Time to end this session of internet access. I am going to have a late snack. (so wrong) and watch some good ol' reality television. What better way to end the day?

So don't have to go home, but you can't stay here!!

Wingless Trailer

I made a book trailer for my book Wingless.


I am addicted to the Zac Brown band's song "Colder weather" Thanks to one of my friends mentioning it to me. I am not one for a lot of country music but this one is amazing.

Today feels like a long day, I say feels because its not over yet.

Today at the dentist I mapped out the rest of book six. This is not something I do ever, but it all came to me. Actually yesterday the majority of it came to me on the drive to Mom jr's. We went there yesterday to congratulate James on his graduation from the police academy. It was a fun time, we ate cake and pizza. The kids played and got to chat with the ladies. lol Something I don't do that often anymore.

James had the kids play musical chairs, something so simple turned into a laugh fest. The kids were hardcore players. Of course out of the seven kids there were a few who were sore losers. (One of mine) Even a few adults got in on the fun, I was hoping for a wrestling match between the married couple for the lil tykes chair but they disapointed me. Which for this group is shocking because they are a wacky bunch. We all concluded that musical chairs may be a fun drinking game for the adults, and I told Rob on the way home I wasn't sure if anyone would want to play with me....I would throw some elbows and probably fight someone over a chair. lmao

Probably the funniest part of the trip to Anne's (mom Jr) was the fact James had no idea we were even coming to celebrate his graduating. He didn't know until she was hanging the banners up ...on second thought maybe they should rethink him as a cop haha just kidding.

We got all the easter stuff for the kids baskets today..since we have made so many trips to the dentist, I opted out of candy. We instead got them all some of their favorite things... Zaynah got Tangled, bubbles,makeup etc... Zoey got her last Diary of a wimpy kid she needed, notebooks, pens, pencils (I got a future writer on my hands) and Rlee his favorite game Lego Star Wars 2, he is a huge fan of the Lego games, and is thrilled they are coming out with a Pirates one. Just have to throw in some more of his Wrestling Rumblers and he will be all set.

We are having a big easter egg hunt here with the family, and a nice dinner on saturday and Sunday. I can not wait because Easter is my favorite holiday!

Book sales are doing great, I have gained a lot of readers and I am beyong thrilled about that. I also have figured out a lot on promotion of my series. I have my best friend Brandi editing for me, and as she put it my book looks so good she could lick it lmao So I take it its pretty good.

Now off to the kid's school for some school activities. One more day and they are off for a three day weekend!!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

What drives you?

It's been a minute since my last blog... Spring is finally here and I am thrilled. My mood is so much better just based on that. Whenever its dreary and gray I feel the same way myself.
On the writing front, I wrote another chapter in book six last night. And although I had to force myself to sit down and get to it, I loved how it turned out. And I was happy to be back to what I love.
I have been doing a lot of promoting for my ebooks. And its paying off, which is good because sometimes I get a headache trying to smooth it out. I have been looking for a game plan on marketing for weeks. (simple task to do everyday to promote.) And now I think I have those, and they are simple. At first I thought I would never find something that would work for me. But I think I have now.
So as of now my tactics are Twitter, Fb, Kindle Forum, and book bloggers. And interviews wherever I find them available. And this is easy enough for me. I say for me because I tend to have a short attention span, I get easily sidetracked(joy of motherhood)
I have become such a great multitasker that I go overboard. My brain is in 5949 directions all day, so organization is must for me.
Blogger helps me purge my mental I can do whatever I want. Its kind of cool.
Well back to book six, the story is a lot different then the first five. In a good way, I love where it went and I will say I am looking for this next chapter it is going to be AMAZING!
I will end with, I really don't understand the whole blogging thing. I blog because I want to write out my feelings, but I don't understand how anyone obtains followers. And seeing it seems impossible to find many blogs to me its rather tricky. Nonetheless I will return as much as I can, and maybe look up some info on a succesful blog. lol Good day!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Winning...I think not?

I have a great blog for today, CHARLIE SHEEN. I would like to first point out that I DID have a lot of respect for the man. I valued him as a great entertainer, I was a huge fan of his show. Needless to say now he has went and made a fool of himself. And although I think he is a talented person, the only thing I believe he is winning is being an ignorant jackass and a drug addict. If he was striving to win at sucking at life he did... This is one of those things about people that bother me. Its has nothing to do with your fame, its has to do with people letting drugs take control over their lives. Addiction is real for sure, but when the world makes drugs seem cool or funny that really pisses me off. What is cool about watching someone emotionally crumble? What is cruel about a family being destroyed? Kids losing their parents? What is cruel about the damage someone is causing their body? Or when that person that everbody thinks is so cool ends up partying a little to much and smashes into innocent victims on the streets? Is it cool then when someone who had nothing to do with their addiction loses their lives? What would be cooler would be supporting this person in getting sober, getting help and making a good example of themselves. Or maybe everyone is fine with remembering Sheen when he is buried in the ground..... How cool will it be then? People's destruction is not entertainment...stop sitting around with your bowls of popcorn as if your at the circus. life is short, don't waste it living one that you regret!

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Closing her eyes, she stepped out into the light. Exposed and alone, her only friend gone. A head full of mischief, a body so tired. Finding a path was her only idea of what was right. Trees in the forest hide her sorrows, the alcohol fuels her wasted life. And maybe life will ease up just once. Maybe for once she will smile at true happiness. Or maybe life will simply eat her allive. Sometimes there is comfort in knowing what we hide from is just as scared of us.

The moment

The moment I knew I wanted to be an author was when I was eleven. I was always the kid who used their imagination more then any physcial objects. I remember running through my back yard making up stories (ok more like musicals) and not a single toy in hand. Just my imagination creating this whole world that only i could see, and it was fun. And then I tried writing plays because I wanted to just do dialouge of characters nothing more, but I felt like that wasn't enough. So I started cutting out magazine clippings of people that resembled my characters, I needed to see more of what these ideas looked like. Sometimes the only outlet I had for expression was my writing as a kid, I won't deny I had a lot of issues going on in my mind. And writing let out my feelings of anger, sadness etc. It really made me feel so much better. And as I got older I continued to write out my feelings, I grew up and sailed away from writing for awhile. But something simple brought me back, and now writing to me is fun,poetic, expressive and awesome (lol). When you are a part of this crazy world you find it so easy to write, when you really feel strongly about a passion you will do anything to make it happen. Writing to me is what I was meant to do, and I will continue to bust my a%* to keep doing what I love. Everyone should do what they love...what do you love?

Friday, April 1, 2011


Sometimes I really believe I could not survive without music. I use music in everything I do, it calms me. It destresses me, it motivates me to clean. Its relaxing even, I love music with great lyrics, and I love music that is accompanied by a great singer. I am listening to Closer by kings of Leon and this is a perfect example. This man's voice is so unique and he really can sings his ass off. The song is haunting in a really great way. I am truly truly obsessed with project playlist, I have found all my must have songs on there, and I listen to my play list all day long pretty much. With the invention of Dvr, my television watching has went down to barely anything. I record my shows and watch them when I feel like it. I could live without tv. But not music, I would rather watch great movies, days, reality tv and the Today show. I can not live without Matt Lauer in the mornings lol But as for channel surfing I know not of what that is anymore lol I am a die hard Grey's anatomy fans, and I admit that I am pulled into anything that makes me bawl like a baby. I love anything that is gripping and causes me to cry or gives me goosebumps. Dancing with the stars is another guilty pleasure for me, Maks is amazing! And the whole show is just so interesting to me. I wish I was capable of dancing like that. And when I need a good laugh I watch two and a half men, or Fantasy Factory. If I am in the mood for something thrilling I just watch Ufc, now there is something I am dying to do. I heart UFC. And lastly writing is another thing that I can not live without. My writing is who I am, my book series are a connection to my soul. The characters are everything I think,feel and see in life. They are my means of expression, my secret key to sanity. lol